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manic monday: monday night tv

Lesley Ferait's been a while since i've dipped into the daily/weekly parameters that was, once, Spankyluvsit.com

I'm bored today. Bazinga is off at training for his new job & i'm sitting here, waiting for my photo files to upload to Flikr for my portfolio. I wanted to watch some much needed tv on Hulu.com, but i can't do it on MY computer while the files load (which is taking days!) & Bazinga left his compy locked & i don't know his damn password.
[even tho he knows everything from 
my bra size to my pin number...
but that's another story...]

Sitting here, thinking about all the shows that i want to watch that are just beyond my reach, i realized that my fav shows, recently, aren't even going to have a new episode until tonight.
All of you know that i'm a tv junkie. Since i've been in Cali, we don't have cable. I never thought i'd be able to survive without cable. I had a hard time finding something to watch on the hotel tv's with the minimal selection of 17 channels! Now, i LIVE with NO CABLE?! AHH!!! not to mention, i haven't seen General Hospital in like 3 weeks & i'm having some serious withdrawals. 3 weeks is a lifetime in soaps! Who the hell knows WHAT could be happening!? Who's died? Who's been married? Who's missing? Who'd they swap out for a different actor that is going to piss me the fuck off?!

I miss Bravo, I miss VH1, i miss ABCFamily! for fuck's sake, i miss commercials!

but, back to the Manic Monday theme for this week.

Monday Night TV

In the fall, there are always some great TV options on Mondays.
I usually TiVo'd so many, that i'd have to overlap to the living room DVR to make sure i had the coplete monopoly on viewing pleasures.
To name a few:

Big Bang Theory, Two & a Half Men, HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother), Gossip Girl, Greek, 10 Things I Hate About You, Life Unexpected, One Tree Hill ...

Now there are new summer shows like:

The Good Guys, Huge, The Bachelorette, True Beauty, Last Comic Standing, Men of a Certain Age (ok, new to us, but started in December)...

The shows I wanna watch RIGHT NOW (or, as soon as they're on):

Real Housewives of New Jersey, The Secret Life of the American Teenager &...

Pretty Little Liars

I'm in luv with this show. It's literally everything you love about One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl, but with the absolute drag-you-back-in-by-your-hair every week drama that is usually only found in Lifetime movies!

plot: 5 insanely pretty high school girls whom i think were supposed to be 14 (?!?!) in the start of the story, were all out one night in some creeptastic cabin in the woods or something & one chick goes missing. FFWD a year later & one chick comes back after a year overseas with her fam (turns out daddy had a flingy with one of his students) to find out that her tight knit little clique is no more. It doesn't take very long for the story to get going because all the girls start getting messages from the missing fifth, Allison.
Allison seems like the worst friend on the planet bc all she seems to do is taunt her friends both in these crytpic messages & in all the flashbacks we see of her with them, alive & well.
blah, blah, blah, her body is found, they go to the funeral, some blind chick, Jenna, walks in & everyone stops breathing, (episode 3 is called "the Jenna Thing") & then, dah, dah, DAH, after the funeral, they all get a text, at the same time, from "-A"!
it's awesome. i wanna watch it right now.

the key players:

Lucy Hale 
one of my ab-fab skini mini crushes, whom i luvd in Privileged, (with Joanna Garcia [skini mini crush] who has been in Gossip Girl, Freaks & Geeks, Reba, Are You Afraid of the Dark...) & in the Lifetime movie Sorority Wars (with Courtney Throne-Smith from original Melrose Place).
Character: Aria Montgomery
Family Drama: Dad had a past affair with a student of his
who is now a TA at the same college & keeps showing up. 
(trouble TA is played by Amanda Schull
the creeper from last season of OTH!)
Personal Secret: She hooked up w/ a hottie the 
night before the first day of school, 
to find out in class that he's her new english teacher!
yes, the relationship is still going!
Related Actors: Dad is played by Chad Lowe, Rob Lowe's bro & Hillary Swanks' ex, who was Carter on orig Melrose Place & Jesse on Life Goes On...
Mom is played by Holly Marie Combs, Piper from Charmed.

Ashley Benson
I only really know her from her killer role in the Lifetime Original movie Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal. She was also on Eastwick (playing Rebecca Romijin's daughter & alongside Lindsay Price from orig BH: 90210. She was also almost raped by the actor who played Keifer in Gen Hosp. who attacked Christina.) & Bring It On: In It to Win It (with Cassie Scerbo from Make it or Break it).
Character: Hanna Marin
Family Drama: Dad is gone, Mom sleeps around, especially with the police detective that is
dealing with Hanna's shoplifting charges & also happens to be investigating the murder of Allison.
Personal Secret: I guess it's just that she used to be fat?
Related Actors: Mom is played by Laura Leighton, 
who was Sydney in both orig & new Melrose Place & is married to Doug Savant,  who played Matt on orig Melrose & Tom Scavo on Desperate housewives. 
Mom's boyf/detective is played by Bryce Johnson who i can't think of how i know him, but i guess it's from either Popular or Nip/Tuck.

Troian Avery Bellisario
I don't know her from anything before now, but i like her a lot. She's wicked cute & has a bit of a Wren Stevens (Even Stevens) vibe.

Character: Spencer Hastings
Family Drama: Over achieving family. Sister is engaged 
to a hottie english dude & is always taking what she wants from Spencer.
Personal Secret: Apparently she has a bad habit of making out with her sisters boyfs. She had a MO with Wren the current fiance & the engagement is no more! Ooops!
Related Actors: Her sis piece, Melissa is played by Torrey DeVitto who was Crazy Nanny Carrie in OTH! I could have sworn that Ma was played by Mariska Hargitay (Mariska Hard-to-say) but, i [& many others] were fooled. Ma is played by Lesley Fera.

Shay Mitchell
I can't remember her on it, but she was on an episode of Degrassi once. This is her 3rd credit on imdb. good for her!
Character: Emily Fields
Family Drama: She seems to want to keep opening up to her mother, but she never gets the words out right. She has a boyf who is very persistant on doing the nasty, but sweet, swimmer, Emily isn't all that into it.
Personal Secret: She likes to kiss girls! There are hints that she may have had a "closer" relationships with Allison than the others did & New Girl Maya, who moved into Allisons old house, seems to luv the idea of pushing Emily closer to her inner cravings! ("I kissed a girl & i liked it!")
Related Actors: Maya St. Germain, current secret squeeze is played by Biana Lawson who is Emily Bennet in Vampire Diaries, Shawna in Secret LIfe of the American Teenager, Nikki in Dawson's Creek, Kendra in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Megan in Saved by the Bell: The New Class, & Nikki in Save the Last Dance! Jinkeys!

This show is AWESOME & there have only been 3 episodes! watch it, ABC Family, Monday nights.
Now i hafta go clean up a bit so Bazinga doesn't ask me what the hell i've been doing all day!

I'll also be writing, soon, about my theory of Aaron Spellings & how everyone that was once on Melrose Place or BH:90210 is making a comeback in a majour way, just like the shows themselves did! Keep an eye out for "The AS Theory!"
luvs it*


  1. Hey Spanky,
    I lived for a while without cable, it isn't the end of the world. It does suck when you are used to it though. Thanks for the post and the advice, any big plans for the weekend? I may pop up to Canada for a bit Friday, then on the boat all weekend!
    Keep your head in that twisted little cloud of yours:)


    ps. Quack quack.

  2. I totally hear you, I have been without cable or much a tv for that matter for about a year :(! hahah! I miss cable dearly, for now its internet all the time..

  3. spanky thanks for sharing this article at some point i also got bored..but love to watch


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