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book five: My Horizontal Life

i finished book #5 today!
[perk of not having a job]
The first book by Chelsea Handler, one of the funniest chick-a-dees there is.
I'm stoked to continue down the drunken stooper of her Vodka induced sexcapades with her other two books ["Are You There God, It's Me, Chelsea" & "Chelsea, Chelsea, Bang, Bang"].
This bitch is so fucking funny, i thought i'd piss my pants reading this book.
The non-fiction collection of anecdotes ["a collection of One Night Stands"] is everything to be gained from a crazy night out, minus the hangover.
I've gone from liking C. Handler, watching Chelsea Lately every once in a while & think'n she's a riot, to desperately wanting to go out for Margs with her.

ps: some of you may have seen, in my previous post, that this is actually book 5 for 2010, but i'd rather not get into the book i read before this one, so i'm going to keep it to myself & keep on with the count.

have you read it?
what did you think?
[any books to recommend
i add to my list of "to read",
please comment them! 
-you can also see my 
virtual book shelf here!]
luvs it*


  1. LOVE HER! Her books are hilarious! I couldnt put her 1st book down, I read it in a day! Enjoy =D

  2. OMG!! i just finished that book lol I even blogged about it, she is so so funny lol, am on to the next one :)!!

  3. I LOVED this book too!

    She's hilarious. I read "Chelsea, Chelsea, Bang, Bang" right after I finished "My Horizontal Life"


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