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My dear reader Elise from Without Rhyme or Reason commented on my last blog & left a luvly little notice that she missed my regular blogging.

i can't tell you how much i do, too...

she asked if i had gotten a regular life (ha!)... no, i mean, i guess kind of...

work got a little crazier now that one of the girls in my dept. has left (lucky duck moved to the city... bitch!). My car broke, so i've been stressing out about that and having to find a new one, and then there's the headache i'm not sure if i was ready yet for.. i went back to school.

there's so much to tell all of you, i hate that i don't seem to have a moment to do so!

I want to write about the FASHION SHOWS that i went to in NY for Fashion week (i was IN THE TENTS AT BRYANT PARK!!!), i want to tell you about the books i've read, the shows i'm now obsessed with, everything, but i just haven't been able to. my dumb home computer is a dino and it doesn't want to allow me to do anything without me slamming it shut & saying "fuck it". That leaves me with my functional work computer, but, as i said, i rarely get the time anymore.

not to mention... AmeCakes & Jen Bunny bite my with the Twilight fever, so i've been unrealistically sucked into reading book one. (happy that i'm on a read kick, i'm about to finish my 2nd book in 3 weeks, that's pretty good for me! - but it does eat up a lot of time, i'm not a fast reader.)


lunch break is over.

i'm still here, i check pretty regularly to see if i have any comments (teehee). so, if you read this, leave me a comment, say hi, brighten my day, let me know that i haven't lost all of you!

miss you my luvies*



  1. That's amazing that you got to see some shows!!! Which ones were you able to catch? I too feel guilty when I can't post often!

  2. Oh yay, you're still here! :)

    It gets hard to blog when life gets in the way. All these things happen that could make for interesting posts, but because life gets so busy, you don't have time to post. It's a vicious circle. Have fun doing everything and we'll be around when you drop by!


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