diary of a manic obsessive.


found my drug.

i am absolutely, utterly consumed by a book.

ironic that a book about drugs can be SO addicting.

the book is Crank by Ellen Hopkins.

I'd heard of people reading it a few years ago, and, when i had, regrettably, forgotten my copy of Lovely Bones (which i'd committed to reading in a little mini book club with AmeCakes) at the office over the long weekend, i tip toed into my vacant sisters room & browsed her shelves.

"ooh! She really liked this one... but it's MASSIVE!" - yes, it is almost 600 pages, but the text is written in verse (sort of) so it's mega fast. no chapters, almost like little diary entries or poems (they don't rhyme)

suspicion arose: "Is this going to be mega obnoxious to read? how will i ever be able to stick to reading in this unconventional way?!" - TOTALLY EASY. the words being arranged in their way give the content a smooth rhythm. You're reading the way she's thinking. It's phenom!

I take it out on cigg breaks, I go home & read, I even, just now, came back from the Deli with a half a ciggie left, so i turned off the car, in the office lot, & read. I read like 10 pages. geez.

The story is great (the girl is 17, so it's a bit young for me, but who the hell cares).
(just to clear something up, this is NOT the same "Crank" as the Jason Statham movies).

The back of the novel says (& i'm going to do my best to get the spacing right):

Life was good,
before I
the monster

was great,

for a little while.

RIGHT? damn. obvi had to read it after THAT! (the spacing isn't right. damnit.)

(pah! i'm a genius. just snapped that little beaut with my iPhone -insert shamless plug here- so you could see the back cover!!!)

Buy it, Read it, it's fan-fuck'n-tastic. seriously. u'll thank me. or hate me for giving you a taste.

luvs it*

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion...I will check it out. Your blog is great btw, i'll be checking in regularly. xoxo Shandi.



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