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Let's Duet!

it takes the all night Flu to get me some time to be able to blog. (yack).

This is a post that i'd been wanting to write for a while. I'm stoked to share with you my thoughts on the subject, but i'm really excited to hear YOUR thoughts!

The subject is music. more specifically...

it takes one amazing voice to make a great song, but TWO amazing voices sometimes make a PB & J sandwich of musical luv. Here are a few of my favourite Duets... (in no particular order)

  • Let's Duet - Dewey Cox (John C. Riley) & Darlene Madison (Jenna Fischer)

  • Two Wrongs - Claudette & Wycleff

  • Lucky - Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat

  • I'm Real - J.Lo & Ja Rule

  • Photograph - Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow

  • My Boo - Usher & Alicia Keys

  • '03 Bonnie & Clyde - Jay Z & Beyonce

  • I Got Your Babe - Sonny & Cher

  • Summer Loving - Danny (John Travolta) & Sandy (Olivia Newton-John)

I would put Chris Brown & Rhianna, bc up until recent actions, that was a def winner, but i can't under principle, post that song.

What's number 10? I can't think of one. I'll tell you what would be hilarious, if AmeCakes was right & soon we'll be hearing a Kanye West & Taylor Swift duet. HA!

There. At least i got something out there for you to all enjoy for a bit, but now my head is spinning a little bit & i think i have to go take a nap. I might write more later about my newest obsession. We'll see how i feel. Jam on to these great songs & if you can think of a number 10, PUH-LEASE let me know!

luvs it*


  1. Love that Beyonce and Jay Z song and of course Sunny and Cher! Thanks for sharing! Awesome blog! As for #10 Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston did a song together that I thought was really good. I think it was for Pocahontas???

  2. oooooooooooh, yes that was a good one!!!

    I was trying to do all male/female songs, but maybe i'll do like a battle duet blog post soon. it'll be fund with Brandy & Monica boy is mine & mickey avalon "my dick"!!! haha


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