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Ya Dig?

Rickdiculous just told me that my new banner was "emo" - to which i had a very clever comeback
... (hey, i never said i was mature...)

What do you think, readers? You're the ones that will be look at it (i hope). I like it, but if you've got a better idea, hit me with it.

JenBunny changes her blog layout and banner more often than her socks. (which is true because the girl always has flops on).

What do you think of this idea? I wish that i could set it to be on some wicked kool *random* setting to rotate every day, but that would probably be really annoying. (if anyone knows how to do this, please let me know! it would make my life and JenBunny's life a lot easier... choices are hard!)

I'm working on a few more options and then, i'll let you all help me pick. Keep your eyes peeled!!!

luvs it*


who luvs me?

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