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Tazo Awake Black Tea Soy Latte

I've finally found my 6 word crazy drink order from Starbucks.

Soy Milk, 3 Splenda, 160 cals, perf!

-as a non-coffee drinker, i never really thought that i'd care about Starbucks at all. I drink maybe 3 Peppermint Lattes a year (around christmas time) & usually don't finish them. Other than that, the occasional Sweetened Black Iced Tea in the summer, but i don't have a tendency to seek out the 'bucks.

but... then i realized that you can get tea lattes without them being Chai (yuck).


I'm all about it now, plus, i like that the tea there is actually pretty cheap (compared to the $12 alternatives some people need 3 of every day to live!)

luvs it*

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