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You know, I’ve never had much patience with Romeo.
Edward Cullen, New Moon, Chapter 1, p.17

Yes, I'm obsessed... dumb AmeCakes & stupid JenBunny got me fucking addicted so bad, i think they're sick of hearing me go on about this damn book...

Sorry R. Pattinson, it's nothing personal, it's just that, i would never have cast you to play Edward. I think you're just too... awkward for my taste

I've seen a LOT of internet discussions about this subject and everyone seems to have an idea of who would be better.

thinks that everyone from one of my FAV hotties, Scott Michael Foster (Greek) to Chris Evans (Fantastic Four). I luv them both, but S.M.Foster is def not Edward, he's Cappy (waaaaay too goofy to be Edward) & Chris Evans is too old.... Johnny Storm is also too much of a clown to be Edward.

Scott Michael Foster

Chris Evans

Fans on the Twilight Facebook Dicussion Boards said actors such as Matt Dallas (Kyle XY), to Sean Farris (The Sleepover and that awesome show Reunion that i luvd, but it was CANCELED). No, Matt Dallas has way too much of a spacey look going on. Edward is INTENSE, not a space cadet. M.Dallas played a wide eyed, (seemingly thoguhtless) alien boy w/ no belly button... not really cut from the same fabric... &, Sean Faris is fucking fine... even got a little crooked smile... but i think he's a bit too old? (He's a little TOO cute...)

Matt Dallas

Sean Faris

This is on the Edward Cullen wiki page:

"Meyer reported on her website that the four most popular fan suggestions for actors to play Edward were Hayden Christensen, Robert Pattinson, Orlando Bloom and Gerard Way."
-to this, i say No, eh-no, no, & are you fucking kidding?

-here are a few of the other suggestions that i was ok with...

Colton Haynes:

yum! I think he's definitely a cutie, but to throw this copmlex of a roll at a model/starter actor... he'd hafta be an amazing raw talent...

Henry Cavill:

He's hot. Too old (not for me, but for Bella). Loved him in Stardust, but i didn't care for The Tudors.

Here's who I think should be Edward, fo' sho (with a few alterations to make my point - eyes and hair have been "edwardized"):

Shia LaBeouf:

I know, I know, he wouldn't make a good Edward... but he's just so fuck'n yummy!

Ed Westwick:
He looks like a vampire... c'mon. Maybe he's not charming enough to be Edward, but he should absolutely take a breather from the Upper East Side to wander around the forrest of Forks... at least the Volturi in Italy.. He's a perfect vampire!
Zac Efron:
He's just so fucking hot. Plus, he's got a lot of the necessary traits, he's got amazing bone structure, strong frame, sexy as hell, intense eyes, great smile... the only problem is that, somehow, dumb Vanessa Hudgens would end up as Bella... & i'd have to vomit. (she's ok in that sugar coated bratty, i'm realy jeal bc she's gorg & has a hot bf & is successful & way younger than me... thing.... what was i saying?)

click here to see the original photo, non-edwardized!

Chace Crawford:

i've thought that C. Crawford should have been Edward since the second i started caring about Twilight. He's perfect. He's not too old, he's not too lame, he's intense, but not scary, he's beautiful, but not girly. He'd need contacts, but then again, who the f wouldn't? If you ask me... he's the perfect Edward... he's who i'd cast... even though, the Edward in my head doesn't exsist, i think C. Crawford is the closest i could come. out of ALL these yum-monsters on this post!

click here to see the original photo, non-edwardized!

see! It's meant to be!

mmm, so many hot boys... off to read more of *eclipse*!

luvs it*


  1. henry cavill!!!!!!

    wow i never thought of him as edward

    its quite an idea... hmmm

  2. Jennifer. U are fuckn CRAZY. zac efron is MANY things. Ugly is NOT one of them!

  3. I would eat Robert Pattinson's shit if he let me sorry...I just fainted at the thought.



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