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another sick giveaway.

not to overshadow my OWN giveaway, but i'm luv'n this one as well!
Ambar at Ambar's Thoughts is having her first giveaway EVA!

these luvlies are from Natalie's Prestige & i wannnnnt neeed them!
I'm a brand new reader of her bloggie (& i'm already jeal of her 111 followers!)
This is a GREAT giveaway & as much as i want to promote you all to enter, i really kinda want it for myself (guilt)
buuuuuuuuut, READ her blog. it's too fun!

luvs it*


  1. U are the cutest thing in the planet!!!!! Ok, just don't tell my bf. K? cool!

    jaja thanks so much, and good luck!!! :D

  2. thanks doll face!!!
    i hope that you enter mine too!


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