diary of a manic obsessive.


CSN obsession!

I've been looking at a bunch of places for furniture: desk, beds, tables, & home bar furniture.

then i got a chance & I'm totally stoked, to write a review for the site CSNstores.com!!!

It's going to be SO awesome to get a new piece for this silly empty apartment!!!

I've also been looking at a few other stores for other items i wish i could afford to have in my place. i love these blue stools, but we don't have a counter to put them up to!

Holsag Henry Custom Bar Stool
there's a ton of other awesome home bar ware at allbarstools.com!

I've been looking at all the things available on CSN & what i'd want from there if i had billions of dollars to furnish my entire dream house, then editing down to the things that i would want for this itty apartment, then, realizing that my butt is killing me from sitting on the floor & getting side tracked looking at bean bag chairs...

[which aren't too cute, but def look like a cozy place for my bottom!]


bedroom sets...

& of course a home bar...

but, i think the most practical thing for us right now is probably a bathroom organizer, for the teeny little closet of a bathroom we have!

the hard part will be getting Bazinga to help me make a choice. haha

wanna weigh in? leave a comment telling me what YOU think the most practical item would be.

look for my review, coming soon!

luvs it*

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