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giveaway on Novelista Barista!

yay yay yay!!!

My bestie bffer nugget fo' life, Jennifer at NovelistaBarista.com is hosting a Holiday Giveaway from my etsy shop.
[thank you luvr!]

[OLD photo! haha]

please make sure that you check out the giveaway & OBVI you should ALL be following her hott ass at NovelistaBarista.com!

what's she giving away? well...

'tis the season for giving!!!

JenBunny is being so super awesome by helping me out with this giveaway (although, it's a bit selfish, bc if i can make the money to go home, i'll get to see her FACE!)

please enter her giveaway & PLEASE check out my shop for all the BRAND NEW things i've been making the last week.

use the coupon code SPANKYLUVSME for 10% off any order!!!

luvs it*

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