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featured etsy luvs*

i was featured!!!

a little etsy love was sweet enough to feature my shop on the blog!!!

i sure hope that it drives some traffic to the shop.
make sure to check out the blog & see who else got a shout out!

i've been working on some really funky new things for the holiday season.

here are some of them:

i'm in LUV with gold for the holidays. everyone should take advantage of the sparkle of the holidays & glitz the hell out of EVERYTHING. (i may have taken it too far since my carpet is currently glamified with overflow glitter around my studio area... oops! guess even my vacuum will get a little holiday cheer!)

please visit the shop. i have SO many more things coming!

do you think that i should change
anything on my shop? 
are my prices too high? 
too low? 
input is SOOO appreciated!

I'm so excited about being featured, & having new wonders on the shop that i'm going to give you all a present! 

coupon code!!!



for 10% off any order from my shoppe!!!

yay! i hope i can make money so i can fly home for the holidays!!! [i miss my crazy family...]

luvs it*


  1. congrats girl... u deserve it :) love u!

  2. congrats on being featured!! i'm bookmarking your page to help with the upcoming gift purchases. thanks!!



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