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thank you mom.

we're all thinking about what we are thankful for.

i've become so thankful for my family, especially my mom. her & i have built up such a different, strong relationship since i moved here & i miss her so much.

i'm thankful that she wrote this blog post about me. heehee. she's cute.

i got sad tonight, watching It's Complicated because i saw it with her & my sister & bc Meryl REALLY reminds me of her, esp in this movie. ::tear:: i got a little choked up. no lie.

here's my pretty pretty mommy vintage style

&, even though it doesn't really tie into this post, like, at all, these photos just crack me up. (My mommy is the itty bitt!)

My Grandfather, the dapper gentleman in the back, is Paul McCobb, famous furniture designer from the 1950's (even though the Wiki has NOTHING about his wife & children... rude). The other doode is my mom's half brosi, Paul Jr. & the gorg-a-saurus is my Grandma, Molly. I, unfortunately, never got to meet Paul, since he passed when my mother was only 9, & I don't really remember Molly, since she passed when I was about 2.
but look at my itty bitt mommy pie!!!

eeeee, hahahahh!!!!!! She's sooooo cuteee!!!

I luv it when she tells me stories, like the time she wanted to watch The Wizard of Oz, even though she was realllly scared of the flying monkeys, & she'd run down the mirrored hallway from her parents room to the living room, basically just to tell her mom that she was scared, get in trouble, & RUN back to the room to keep watching, all to turn around & do it again. I don't know why, but i have a vivid idea, in my head, about what this whole saga looked like. i'm giggling just thinking about it.
I like the story about how she'd climb up the built in shelves to get things that she wasn't supposed to have & how 1/4 of her eye is green, while the other 3/4 is blue, because she sprayed some cleaner in her eye when she was little & didn't tell bc she didn't want to get yelled at.

Since i've been living in Cali, i've been talking to Ma basically every day, at least once. She has, on a few occasions, to her dismay sometimes, been my talking buddy while i wonder around the grocery store asking "what should i make for dinner" or "where are olives" (yes, i asked her where the olives were in the grocery store on the other side of the states, where she's never been, were). We've talked about how our lives have turned into a weird parallel of each other, both ending up as the "woman of the house" living with a [sometimes] "Grumpy Spouse" (moms words) & an "Irresponsible 19-year-old". it's def weird that we are both the one cleaning up around the house, cooking dinner, being housewives while looking for jobs, making art, blogging, & having our etsy shops.

i miss my mom so much. 
i hate that it took a 3,000 mile distance to make us closer, but i'm glad that we are.
i need to go home for a visit.
i need a mom hug.

everyone go & read my moms blog. she's just getting back into it. her & my sister & dad all moved about a month after i did (but they moved one town over, not three time zones..) & she's been trying to get their new apartment in order, so she, like me, is just getting back into the blog-o-sphere.

so, i'm hoping that my mom will be Skyping me in, so i can "pseudo"-sit at the Thanksgiving Dinner Table.

i hope that she's thankful that i wrote this.

this Thanksgiving, i'm thankful for my family, whom i love & miss & hope i can see for Christmas, & i'm so very thankful of the relationship that i have with my mommy. 

i can't even think about how much i am thankful for my puppy, Holly. Honestly, just thinking about her at all makes me burst into tears because i miss her so much.

[posted this pic & legit, started to cry... i knew it.. ]

who are you thankful for?

luvs it*


  1. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. Even though you may be separated by distance from you mom and Holly, the knowing that you have a such loved ones who miss you is a comfort. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog and following. Have a lovely day. xo

  2. How sweet... I am really close to my Mom too, thankfully she lives close by. Your dachshund is so pretty. We have a 13 year old short haired red dachshund.. such a good little guy! I am now following!

    p.s. I am having a $50 Pottery Barn e-card giveaway if it interests you.


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