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got my hurrr did!

i've been going through [inevitable] long hair withdrawal ever since i cut my long locks off in exchange for a short "sassy" bob-like cut.
not to mention bazinga isn't a fan of my short hair :(

I've been trying to get extensions, but they are HELLA expensive, even though Roomies [ex] friend was going to hook me up for about 1/3 of the cost, but never did it & now she's out of our lives [hopefully for good].
doesn't it suck when you think someone is pretty kool, then you find out they are full of shit & really just a virus? ugh. i'm so sick of that.
So, knowing that it would be a loooong time before i'd ever be able to afford real extensions... so long that my hair would probably be super long before i had half the money, i tried to find a nice clip in pieces. Even those can run you like $100. So i started searching on etsy.

I was hoping that i'd be able to find someone who would be willing to exchange a hair piece for something from my shop. No one wanted to do that... :(

Then i found Dawn. She has an etsy shop & she makes clip in hair pieces. I messaged her & asked about an exchange. She said YES!

I made her a custom dream catcher & she made me a custom hair piece!!!

cute, eh?! 

now i just need to figure out a way to make it work in more than just this one hair style!

I'm SOOOO thankful to Dawn for trading with me. I am also very happy that i thought to put the idea out there!!!
Maybe i won't be able to sell as many things as i want to, but maybe, just maybe, i can trade some more things.

I'd also like to put the word out to anyone who would like to host a giveaway from my shop.
I'm happy to give away a bracelet:

I can do basically any colour that you'd like, with or without accent beads (which can be either teal, red, black, silver or gold) & middle beads of the same.

If you'd like to host a giveaway, please let me know.
If you'd like to make a trade of anything in my shop, let me know that too, i'm happy to hear any offers!
(especially if i can find things for X-mas gifties, since i'll be BROKE this holiday)

So, once again, i want to thank Dawn, SO much & i want to ask that everyone take a look at her shop. She's new, but she was very sweet, a great communicator, and a luvly chick.

luvs it*


  1. thanks for stopping by - i'm totally a new follower!! - and wha what - i'll SOOOOO host a give-away for ya babes!!!! - email me if your interested - we can SO do this!

    and i looked into extensions too - REDIC $$$$$

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. Hey Spanky! I was hoping you could show me some subscription love!



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