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a few things...

Obvi I haven't been posting much. I hate that i haven't, but i've been doing so much other stuff, trying to make some money & trying to stay sane...

you all know about my etsy shop, Twitterpated Pretty that i've been working my bum off trying to keep up with...

i've also, thankfully, been painting. All my paintings are available online as prints, postcards, etc. on my RedBubble page!

If anyone knows of any boutiques or shops local to you that is at all like this kinda of a place (this is in my boo Kaylee's hometown) that may want to pick up any of my art, please let me know the name & location, so i can contact them! Anyone that helps me gets a postcard thank you sent to them! :)

Has anyone been following the twitter account @ShitMyDadSays or seen the books or TV Show staring William Shatner? Well, i follow the twitter & i've LOLed at the book at Borders (i haven't watched the show..) & it made me think, there should be one of these for the silly things that my boyf, Bazinga, says. So... tada!

@HeSaidWhaat was born the other day! It's fresh, i'm just starting, but i'm hoping that it picks up! haha. You can also see videos like this one by searching He Said Whaat on YouTube!

What an attractive photo of my sexy boyf...

ahhhhh hahahaha. that's the profile photo for the twitter... but i like these ones better...

damn, he's hot... :)

So, other than those projects, i've been searching for [legit] work, being dragged through interview processes for bullshit "sales" positions (aka 100% commission jobs where they want me to go door to door selling... i dunno... vacuums?), TRYING to keep this DAMN apartment clean, which is beyond frustrating given the fact that i have a SLOB for a roomie who i don't think has ever once cleaned anything in our apartment, like at all.
She can be entertaining, but the novelty is rapidly wearing off...

When i'm not doing any of that, i'm trying to be a good girlfriend, learning the finer details of Football from Professor/Coach Bazinga, watching more football in past 2 months that i think i ever have in my life (even though i've always been a football fan, i've never watched EVERY GAME EVERY WEEK! PRO & COLLEGE) - but i don't mind.

I've been cooking every night, baking often, trying not to gain all the weight back & juggling bills bills bills!!!

i wonder how Bazinga would feel about me getting a sugar daddy...?

I've also been reading. I was supposed to be posting every time i finished a book......... but i've been reading & not posting! gar!!! So.. here's the list of what i've read since i last posted:

1-6 were already posted

7. Harry Potter 7 by J.K. Rowling [can't fuck'n wait for the movie Nov. 19th!]
8. You're an Animal, Viskovitz by Alessandro Boffa [illustrated by my sisters BFFs Momma, Roz Chast!]
9. Easy by Kerry Cohen Hoffman
10. The Book of Joe by Jonathan Tropper [sooo good, i recommend, highly!]
11. Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson
12. Purge by Sarah Littman
13. The Naked Truthby Danielle Staub [yes, the trashy book by the trashy Nj Housewife... i couldn't help myself. i'd promised, NAY, sworn that i wouldn't give her any $$$, so i bought it used! HA, THWARTED!!! - it's terribly written & i feel horrible for her poor children... seriously... it's a load of highly entertaining bullshit...]
14. Pretty Deadby Francesca Lia Block [my fav author, not my fav book of hers.]

now i'm reading Fat Free and Fatal by G.A. McKevett, a fun Private Eye book!
I feel like i'm forgetting one, but, regardless, i've MET MY GOAL of 12 books for the year & i'm one away from my "expert goal" of 15.
[I read Diary by Chuck Palahniuk. I thought it was this year, but i can't find it in my archives... hmm.. maybe i have reached my goal. Oh well, lets see how many i can do!!!]
To celebrate, i'd like to launch a Book Exchange. If you're interested, e-mail me at Spankyluvsit@gmail.com. Tell me your fav book & let me know you're down & i think i'll start up the exchange via ELFSTER.COM shortly!

Well... that's basically it for me for now.. i will tell you that i've been watching The Women of SNL while writing this & was so stoked to see one of my all time FAV clips was on!

Here it is...

[sorry, i couldn't find it on YouTube to embed... :(]

luvs it*

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