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introducing: "How Do I Get Him To..."

A while back, i had this idea for something called the "Duck Pond"... but, like 80-90% of my schemes/plots/ideas... it was a F-L-O-P!
so, i'm starting the same TYPE of idea, but with a different basic perspective...


i want the "theme" to focus on answering one specific question at a time, with input from readers, experts (if i can find them), friends (both chickies & duckies) &, MAYBE even Boyf Bazinga! (although, most of the questions will most likely be posed by me, so i'm not sure he'll have much to say on the topics!!!)


where do i find my "experts"? I already have my luv guru, Miss Mercedes of "How to REALLY Hold On to the Man of Your Dreams", but i haven't... really... asked her yet..... but, hopefully i can at least GUILT her into it ("But Miss M, i already posted about you on the blog!!! you can't let me & my readers down!!!!" wink wink!)

If you know of any bloggers who focus on relationship advice, please, let me know so i can contact them!!!

if YOU want to comment or input your advice to any posed question, PUH-lease keep your eyes out for the questions to be posted & e-mail me your advice. I'll post what i get & make sure to give you a link back! :)

The first question is a BIT shallow, but, hey, you gotta play in the kiddie pool before you dive into the deep end, right?

how do i get him to....

know what kind of jewelry i like?

I've been with Bazinga Boyf for about 7 months now, & Christmas is around the corner. I'm not the typical "BUY ME SHIT" type of girl, but i wouldn't mind something glitzy to admire over Christmas dinner. BUT, how do i let him know what type of bling i like, without being TOO in your face about it?
Do i just say "hey, so you know, i like this, i don't like that.", do i take a catalog & circle/cross off the things i luv/hate? do i give up & just hope that he gets it right & then say i luv whatever he gets me (aka just be happy that he got me anything?).

e-mail me your advice or a link to any experts to Spankyluvsit@gmail.com, tweet me @Spankyluvsit, & keep an eye out for the answers!

luvs it*


  1. Well..I'd be MOST happy to offer my insights!

    I'll email you soon...

    Much Love,

  2. Check out @katieblogs- (katieblogs.com) she's not specifically relationship based, but she's very funny and certainly talks the boy/girl stuff now and then.

    Jewelry? I know I don't know what my wife likes, that's for sure. I think you've got to drop a hint somehow. Maybe make use of the friends, saying, "Hey, if he says he can't think what to get me, point him in this direction."

  3. If you guys are hanging out together, watching tv or looking through magazines, keep an eye out for jewelry ads and make comments. If you're flipping through and see something you like, just be like "oooh, that's pretty!". . .Casually of course. Likewise, if there's a style you absolutely don't like, point those out too. You could even find some ahead of time and pretend to come across it for the first time when he's around :)


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