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blogger book worm 'ganza [exchange]

I thought about doing this last year, but i just didn't get around to it....
as is life...

So, this year, even though it's a bit late, i decided to give it a whirl, even if we only get a few people, maybe we can try again next year, or make it a bi-tri-yearly thing!

I'm happy to announce that i reached my reading goal for the year [12 books] & once i'm done the one i'm on now, i'll have reached my "expert goal" of 15 books in a year!!!

My vision:

a "secret santa" of sorts, where everyone sends their favourite book to the person chosen for them.
i thought that this could be a great way to open someones mind to your literary "comfort food".

If you'd like to sign up, please follow THIS link by December 31st!

We'll all have a chance to read a new book & to broaden someone's mind to our favourite wordies!

the book that you send should be a gift, so it can adorn your giftie's bookshelf forever, so please make sure that you understand you will NOT be getting it back!
[aka, don't send your signed or first edition copy!]

i hope we get some good number!

please, also, feel free to re-post this on YOUR blog so we can REALLY expand!!!


luvs it*

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