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Too Hot Tuesday: Dominic Zamprogna

[yes, it's Wednesday, i'm late, but yesterday sucked & today i'm posting, so don't boohoo that i'm bringing you some Wednesday yum!]
the background
He first showed up in General Hospital as Dominic Pirelli, a low end Mobster working for Claudia Zacchara, Sonny's wife, but was later revealed as Undercover Officer, Dante Falconeri, daughter of Olivia Falconeri (who currently dates a past Too Hot Tuesday celebu-duck, Brandon Barash who plays Johnny Zacchara) and (even though it's not yet revealed to him) son of Sonny Corinthos (aka, half brother to Morgan, Michael and Kristina). The moment i saw him, brusied and shot in the back woods between Carly Corinthos Jacks house and Sonny Corinthos house, running into and holding hostage Morgan Conrinthos, i recognized him, but i STILL can't figure out what from.
all i know is that he's a yum monster & i'm thankful every weekday that i thought to start TiVoing the Day Time Soap to soak into before bed everynight.
the "HE" i'm referring to, is this week's Too Hot Tuesday:
Dominic Zamprogna

i've reviewed this 30-yr-old's imdb.com listing a million times, Google Imaged him, looking for some other source to ignite the curiosity light bulb above my little blonde head, but i can't seem to figure it out.
[which, anyone that has spent time with me knows, this is usually a very good talent of mine, & when i fail, i get pissssed!]
unfortunately, i've begun to settle, assuming that i'm thinking of either the Lifetime movie "Hostile Makeover" or another [sorry, not so great, but typical] Lifetime movie, "Engaged to Kill". he's not as cute in this movie. i think a lot of it comes from the scruffy hair, crooked, confident smile, and, the fact that we know, underneath the Mobster front, he's a down-right, honest cop.
Dominic's character "Dominic/Dante" has recently made an impression on my girl, Lulu Spencer on the show... & damn, Lulu is a lucky girl. The real Dominic recently got hitched to his long term girlfriend, Linda Leslie! (i'm jeal... but..) Congrats!!!

So this Too Hot Tuesday (ehem... Wednesday... ) is for you Dominic/Dominic/Dante...
because you seem sweet, caring, fun loving...
&.. well...
because you're just too hot!
luvs it*

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