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Too Hot Tuesdays!

Welcome to the 2nd Too Hot Tuesdays!

By now you know that i like to tivo shows that i can consistantly watch. I used to watch Beverly HIlls 90210 a few years back because it was on eveyday on soap net & it was a constant in my life (i like constants like that, it's comforting). I then moved through 7th heaven, Melrose Place, Everwood, One Tree Hill, etc., etc. I've recently gotten sucked back into the never disappointing day time soap General Hospital. My fav character? obvi it's Maxie Jones (played by my Day Time Idol Kristen Storms). Her romance with Spinelli is sweet & endearing... but he's nooo Johnny Zacchara!

Brandon Barash

Brandon has played yummy Johnny, the Mafia heir bad boy on General Hospital, since 2007 & only about 9 months in was named one of the top 25 sexiest men in Soaps! oOoOo...
After appearing in 3 episodes of Gilmore girls as Jamie, and in 4 episodes of 24, Brandon landed the role in GH.

like a lot of my fav hotties, he's not just a one hit wonder, oh no... Brandon siiings (swoon) & plays the piano. Unfortunately, i can't find a very good video (quality is bad in all of them).

the gorgeous hunkie will be 30 in October and luvs Baseball & apperently, SKY DIVING! (what a tough guy!)

Sorry Brandon for making your post a short one. i can't wait to go up to bed & watch my tivo'd General Hospital!

mmm... ps- any readers that also watch, make sure you don't post anything about the episodes of the day, i watch on delay (tivo)!!!
luvs it*


  1. i dont think hes that hot..
    WRITE ABOUT THE GUY FROM PS I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. you are crazy. you need to like watch a clip of it. YouTube Brandon Barash in General Hospital.

    i'm not writing about them AGAIN... look back in my blog. both J.D. MOrgan & G. Butler have each had loonnnng posts about them already!!!

    don't DIS my too hot tuesday men!!!


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