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Thirsty Thursdays!

Ok. so i was looking for a different recipe (much more summery) but i couldn't find the exact one i wanted... SO... next week maybe.

...because i spent so much of my blog hour (lunch hour) looking for that, i don't have time to write a very long post. but, thankfully, it's ok, but it's a VERY EASY "recipe" this time... (only three ingredients!"

Dirty Girl Scout Shot

inspired by the amaaaazingly yum cookies Thin Mints, the Dirty Girl Scout has a chocolate-mint flavour thats yummy, but also makes me a little nervous (don't have these if you've been drinking margs or anything acidic all night beacuse they are cream based... you've been warned!)

  • creme de coaco (mr. boston)
  • creme de menth (mr. boston)
  • Bailey's Irish Cream
  • shot glass
  • spoon
How to make it:
  • pour in some creme de coaco (a little less than 1/2 of the shot glass)
  • add the same amount of the creme de menth.
  • top off the shot with some Bailey's Irish Cream by pouring it over the edge of a spoon.
the first time that i had one of these shots was on my 21st birthday (where i, yes, little me, did 21 drinks on my 21st... whooot!) The DG was i think number... 17? maybe? & i believe it was in between a Kamikazee & a German Chocolate Cake... needless to say i didn't remember how it tasted until about a year later when i had one again & luvd it. mmm. (plus, not to mention the fact that mint & chocolate are like, the best flavours ever. ever.)

The drink can also be made as a cocktail vs. a shot, but i've never had it that way. I feel like that might be too much. i'll have a DG & finish my night w/ the Chocolate Milk of beers.. a nice, tall, phat Guiness. o man... i'm thirsty now!


plus a little failblog luv...

luvs it*


  1. that picture of the thin mint looks SOOOOOOOO goooddddddd
    does it really taste like an actual thin mint?? bc that is AWESOME

  2. oooo yesss it does... it's so yum.

  3. PS i left u another award!! go check out yooo


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