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meet my bffer nugget... jennifer

Today, my lady-face McGee & i had this convo (abridged version)

Jennifer: u have to read my blog in a few... i'm writing a post
Spanky: lol okkkkkkkkkk /
OMG! / awweeee / i'm like tearing up! / i'm such a sappy loser
hahahah / u like?
i luv u man / i commented / ur the bestest bestie there is
LOL awe loves u too

she had written this post on her wonderful blog Novelista Barista.

So, naturally, i HAVE to answer back with an adorable Bestie-luvs fest post for her. Now... i luvs all my friends, esp my super marvelous bitches, my D.A.B.s if you will... but Jennifer is totally my knees (if i were a bee)...

here is my girl crush, luvr of my life, totally in a non sexual way, hetero-life-mate, Bffer Nugget with fries LUVS LETTER to my bestie sista friend.

(yes, this is the same pic she posted... but it's the best one!)

We've gotten tats together, but our friendship is way thicker than ink & def more than skin deep. This chick has lived my life... only a little different. We've shared some of the most ridiculous non-stable minded (altered, if you will) mis-understandings that we both understood. We've learned to speak in an almost secret language that usually involves typos, mumbles & drunken slurs... but we always get the message.

We've vacaed to Nantucket, spent days on the phone & have never fought (yes, she said that already). We've made a sport out of long talks in cars, laughing until our sides are literally in pain and apperently squeezing the life out of eachother in photos.

We have jokes that date back so far we can't even remember the origin, the point, or even why it's funny.. we just know that it is. (jelly...?)

We meet the most random characters & make them our random friends for life. (j-down w/ bing! my new hubby?)

We've been asked if we're sisters... told obnoxious bar doodes that we're a couple & proudly stated our BFFhood to anyone that cares. (i've even told Jennifer many a drunken night that we should have a 10 year anniversary party in a year to celebrate our union!)

We can talk about the deepest of deep epic life issues... or nothing of importance at all...
"It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words, but rather short easy words like 'What about lunch?'" - winnie the pooh
What's next for me & my jennifer? hmm, who knows. I plan on surpassing her Blog success with my own (whoop whooop!), she's trying to drag me to NYC to live, i'm trying to get her to go to Cali, & we both desperately want to drive across the states writing a book about our Adventures.

Read her blog, keep reading mine, & look out in the future for a ridiculous book of nonsense written on the road. (fingers crossed!)
"If I had one gift that I could give you, my friend, it would be the ability to see yourself as others see you, because only then would you know how extremely special you are." -B.A. Billingsly
ya... we like it like that...

(i swear, we're not lezzies!!!)

luvs u lady*


  1. HAhahahha poser
    love u
    and those pictures!
    and the memories! i cant WAIT TO HAVE A 10 YR PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! my longest friend ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! people actually LIKE me after that long! WORD! xoxo

  2. hahahah only because you put up w/ my dumb ass... dont' call me a POSER YOU BITCH, you're ruining this BEAUTIFUL MOMENT! hahahahaha

  3. So your bff brought me over from her blog - my Lesbro and I have been together for 9 years this summer and I know what you mean. I'm going to see her tonight yay!


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