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my (somewhat) famous ex boyfriend

He's got another commercial!!!

last year i posted a Truth ad with two boys dancing around in skeleton outfits... yes... he's my ex... now he's got a NEW commercial! He's the new voice of yellowbook! (woo hooo!)

congrats Lannon hunnie! Keep up the good work & i will keep singing your praises!!!

luvs YOU*


  1. ah you're pretty much famous!

    ...and i must say it's pretty awesome that there's an "ex" prefix and you're still singin his praises :)

  2. LOL thats funny... now im gona look for that every time

  3. haha, he's an ex from highschool. luv the kid to death. very very proud!!! :o) (if u look back to the post from 2008 in july called "truth" that's him in the plaid shirt in the truth add singing & dancing like a silly boy)


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