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NBC's person of the week last week was an amazing girl named Isabelle Redford and her charity with The Global Orphan Project raising money to build orphanages (originally in Haiti).

Isabelle had said that she hoped to build an orphanage on every continent.

I came home from work today, took out the dog & when i came back in, my Mom told me she had something great to tell me...

Apparently, ABC News had an update today about Isabelle and a recent influx in her charity funds since the story aired. Since last friday, Isabelle's charity has raised...


I'm absolutely amazed not only by the brilliance and kind heartedness of this little girl, but the amount of people that saw the story & reached out to help for the cause is astounding.

good job people of the world... i'm proud.

follow along with isabelle on her blog!

luvs it*

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