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Manic Mondays!

I'm a little confused about aspects of my childhood, mainly when it comes to timing & the logic behind it. I guess that's normal, but the facts that i know & the memories that i have sometimes don't add up.

When i was in pre-school i lived in a different town. I remember my house with the red door, the mural my mother painted in the hallway of my pre-school (which, in my memory seemed to be 50 feet long). I remember going to beach day camp in the summer, playing with a water table and the huge triangle shelving unit built into my wall in my room.
My uncle was about 18 years old & i remember that he lived with us. He had a huge teal jacuzzi tub in his bathroom that i remember begging to go in & having to climb up what seems like 4 stairs to even get in it.
I remember the blueberry bushes under our deck, singing the "Name Game" song about whomever was being picked up next from the end of the day at pre-school & my pink Princess dress my mother sewed for me for Halloween.
I can recall eating cucumber & cream cheese sandwiches on pita bread & my friend Alissa's legendary Chocolate Band-Aids her father had gotten from China or Japan. I remember that we'd purposefully bite our tongues so that we could have one to make the boo-boo go away.
I have vivid memories of figuring out how to dismantle my uncles G.I. Joes (which might be worth a lot of money now, if i hadn't ruined them!) & placing the casualties on his chest while he slept past noon.
I remember my awesome blue trucker hat wich a Triceratops on it & thinking i was the shit, wearing it cocked to the site, fighting with my mother because i desperatly wanted to wear my red snoopy sweater backwards so i could see the pictures that were on the back & the time i "ran away" in Kids R' Us & hiding under a rack of jeans because she wouldn't buy me a Mickey Mouse tank top.
My mother used to tell me to stop saying "Cheese Mom!" (a 4 year olds version of "geez") because it was rude.

I KNOW that i took ballet & i remember it all intensly, but what doesn't add up is that i'm pretty sure my classes were on Saturday mornings (around 9am?), but i have years worth of memories of watching the late great...

90's Saturday Morning Cartoons!

How i saw them, i'm not clear, especially if i was busy learning how to Plie in first position, or do a saute into an arabesque, but Oh, how i remember the glorious lazy Saturday mornings of Pj's, cerial and cartoons.

I know everyone remembers the staples; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, Smurfs. But here are a few Saturday Morning Gems i don't hear about too often.


In 1993 the catroon started on The Family Channel, but in 1995 it moved to ABC mornings as "The New Adventures of Madeline". Madeline was an obvious favourite character for me. Let alone the fact that i had all the books, was read them by my mother for years & even dreamed of cracks in the ceiling looking like bunnies, little boys next door who had menageries, and having my appendix out like Madeline, but being a very short girl with unfortunately bright red hair, i not only did i love the little french girl, i idolized her.

"I'm Madeline, I'm Madeline, I may be very small, I'm Madeline, I'm Madeline, but inside I'm tall!"


1995 brought us the live action show "Fudge". The show was based off Judy Blume's book "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" (one of my FAVOURITES) about a kid, Peter Hatcher who lives his life in the shadow of his nutball little brother Farley Drezel ("DON'T CALL ME FARLEY") better known as FUDGE. The book is great, its sequel "Super Fudge" & others in the series ("Fudge-a-Mania", "Double Fudge" & "Otherwise known as Shelia the Great") are all wonderful.
There's something about the kid that played Fudge on the show though... Luke Tarsitano. This 5 year old kid has the comedic timing of the stooges, the big brown eyes of a cherub & the smile of a devil child. He's absolutely hilarious & i still can't help but crack the f up when i watch him.
The show has recently been added to Hulu.com and i couldn't be happier. Now i can see Fudge hop around to his Dad's Dancing Birds coommercial & sing the "Soupio" song whenever i want. Life is good.

"Supio, Supio, warms your head down to your toes, Oh Soupio, Soupio, Soupio-o-o!"

(watch the rest of the episode & others at Hulu.com)

The Wizard of Oz:

No one remembers it? Well, i do. It was fantastically weird, off beat & i'm pretty sure my mother hated it. 1990 was the birth of another remake of something classic. This one happened to be a very loopy rendition of the Wizard of Oz... it was bascially a somewhat cracked out cartoon version and basically showed us why Dorothy should have just been happy to be home in Kansas instead of ever going back to Wacko Oz. Not to mention that a very Judy Garland-esque voice doesn't really translate the right way to a cartoon girl... She just seemed kinda scary, but she was nothing compared to the bumbeling sidekicks & the straight manic Wizard.

"there's no place like Oz... there's no place like Oz..."

it's just another manic monday...
luvs it all*


  1. LOL oh GOD why dont i ever remember any of those shows??!!? all i remember is like road runner and scooby doo and shit like that. lol loved madeline though... esp the book

  2. madeline was one of my favorites - totally inspired me to take french in junior high and high school. not that it does me a lot of good now. oh well. i feel the same way about my childhood saturdays - i know i was an ice skater and spent every waking hour not in school skating, but when did i have time to watch those staples you mention in your post and a few other classics. and totally remember fudge too. hilarious.

  3. hahaha Fudge is the BEST! Madeline is a story though that i hope lives forever. She's just so great for girls to look up to. & Genevive.. awwwe.

    i don't really know where all that time came from as a kid. I'll have to ask my mother & update the post.

    Thank you for reading!


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