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iPhone in transit!!!

It's 1 week away from my Corporate Birthday (& a week & a month from my life birthday...). Every employee at my job gets a phone (either iPhone or BlackBerry) on their 1 year anniversary & the company picks up the monthly bill! (awesome.) So, i chose an iPhone! Lucky little girl that I am, i was the last in the company to reach a year (newest hire, still the baby...) but, being the baby has it's perks! I get the 3GS! muahhahaha! I'll be the ONLY ONE to get the new super awesome sicktastic amaze-phone! whoooop!

but... my little iPhone can't be NAKED!!! So, like my Barbies, my teddy bears & my puppy... i'll have to buy it clothes!

So many choices.... i need help!!!

Which do you like the best?!

I was thinking of going pink... since my phone now is pink, my camera is pink, i like pink...

but, then again, green really is a great colour... maybe i should go for that one...?

I could definitely see myself with one of these cute little green phones... i like neon green, i like neon pink... but then i find the "shocking collection"!!!

one in pink, one in green, what should i do?!?! browse, keep browsing, maybe something will hit me that i REALLY love...

I can def see myself going pretty funky, a bit more fabulous than the others... less practical, but definitely closer to the Paris Hilton t-mobile sidekick i've wanted to own for 5 years...

(this one rings in at $314.04 - jinkeys!!!)

or then there are ones that are just down right gaudy as hell...

i don't even know what you'd DO with those ones... yikes...

I think that i might go with something sleek, simple & not mentioning any of the previous things on this post...

what do you think? i need your help, your opinions, your thoughts & your ideas! (plus, if you know any other fabulous options, lemme have 'em!)

also.. these were found by my work buddy Dave & just sent to me... i think they're pretty sweet... but i dunno how protective felt actually is... i dig the game boy one & i'm all over that old school Nintendo controller!

luvs it*


  1. id go with the green one.
    or the one for $300 ;)

  2. Wow, what a choice. For some reason I'm drawn to the animal ones like the tiger stripes and the green snake skin. I would get the gaudier ones for a laugh. Definitely a tough decision.

  3. i LOVE the yellow!!!

    but if you already have lots of pink stuff prob go with pink- for some matchy matchyness! but maybe a different colour pink to your camera so you dont get them mixed up :)

  4. I love the bedazzled one. I wanna work for a company that gives away free phones!!! That's really cool


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