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Thirsty Thursdays!

this weeks Thirsty Thursday is a fav in my town. I'm not sure where it came from, but after a few months of my friend K carrying around the hand written recipe in her bag & handing it off to bartenders at different bars, it's become somewhat of a staple!

The Starburst

I've heard of a slight variation of this where it is NOT a drop shot that i believe includes orange juice called a "Stoli Salad"... not as good. fyi.

  • 1 part Stoli Rass (vodka)
  • 1 part Stoli Orange (vodka)
  • 1 part Stoli Vanilla (vodka)
  • tiny bit Amaretto
  • mini splash Apple Pucker
all in a shot glass
  • red bull (about a 1/3 of a pint glass, enough to cover the shot glass)

how to take it:
  • red bull glass in one hand
  • shot in the other hand (don't spill!)
  • cheers your buddies (don't forget to tap the bar for good luck & luv to the b'tendahs)
  • drop the shot into the red bull
  • wipe your mouth because i'll bet you spilled a bit...
  • say "WOOOO!" because it's yummy & it gives you a little rush from the carbonation and, oh ya, the CAFFEINE!
while we're on the subject.. this just happens to be one of my all time favourite commercials. Even sitting at my desk, right now on my lunch break, watching it, i LOLed soo loud that my co-worker made fun of me... (worth it!)

I hope you all enjoy these as much as i doooo!

cheers! mmmm luvs it*


who luvs me?

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