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@rainnwilson Only in Awesomerica could an awkward pimply D & D nerd become the biggest billionaire celebrity in history! I 8> U USA & Thx!

Super funny mac daddy Rainn Wilson twittered today (about an hour ago) & said the message above. I don't know why i never thought to combine the two words (for you slow readers... Awesome & America are the words i'm referring to..) but it's borderline genius & i luvs it. I don't know who came up with it. I don't know if it was R. Wilson or someone else.
The only things that come up when you google are a few uneventful message boards and SN Profiles. then... there's this which is strange. Seems to me like an idea someone had to be funny, but kinda dind't think it through, so now it's just weirdly redirected to something real. cough cough lame cough. In the profiles, i can't tell if the use is to meld awesome & america... or if it's a chick named Erica who thinks that she's pretty kool. hm.

Anyway, Rock on Awesomerica!

luvs it*

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