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Wordy Wednesday!

This week we're going a different route...

normally, i'd devote a weekly post to a great mind with a nac for the written (or spoken, or sung) word. This week.. i'm dedicating the Wordy Wednesday to one word... one word based off of one sound... at the suggestion of my chickie AmeCakes, this weeks Wordy Wednesday is...


you've seen the bumper stickers, the LOL cats & you've said it yourself in a Cookie Monster moment.

i'm nom nom noming right now on my marg 'zza for lunchies!

There's not much to say about the onomatopoeia other than it's probably one of the funnest words to say.. ever.

Here's the conversation that inspired the dedication:

a true life - i'm addicted to banana chips
s hahahaa
s there are many many worse things
a haha
s true life - i'm under the impression that snickers & red bull is an acceptable meal...
a i guess that is true
a haha oh man
a how do u feel after that?
haha, i had that for dinner the other night & i was peppy & satisfied
(confession, it was a king size bar)
i do love a snickers
aka about 400 cals
"happy peanuts soar...."
i got dunked hardcore by patrick chewing
confession number 2...
i have a red bull in the fridge... & a snickers in my purse...
my name is sara, and i have a problem
haha "hi sara!"
i feel like it's a really good pre- gym thing to have
its okay im pretty sure we can at least go to the same support groups
because you get a boost, you're not starving, but it's not enough to like weigh you down
haha, i'm not ready to recover just yet...
i'll need to hit rock bottom...
same here
i want to swim in a pool of banana chips
if it comes to pixie sticks and gallon bottles of koolaid.. then we'll talk... hahahha ... that would be painful!!! of all the thigns to swim in!
haha maybe its more like submerged
hahahha "cruuuunch"
so i can just eat it all up
burried under
nom nom nom
HAHHAHHA i LOVE that word
me too
did u ever see the like bumper sticker of the little bitty bunny eating like the sham on a couch & it just says "NOM NOM NOM" hahaha i DIE!!!
ha i know
its the perfect onomatopoeia
yes! hahaha noommmmmmmm
wordy wednesdays!
hahahah devoted to "NOM"
hahaha that's classsssssic
i MIGHT just do it!

So that's basically it. Just a little nod to the nom.

luvs it*

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  1. LOL u did not just dedicate a whole post to the word NOM! u are so funny hahaha


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