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amazing child person of the week

On my way out the house last night to spend money, drink booze, smoke cigarettes & talk about things that don't matter, my mother stopped me & asked me to stay a moment to watch a "cute story".

it kinda of took my breath away...

Isabelle Redford is an adorable girl from Kansas who, at the age of 5, started a charity to raise money for orphans in Haiti & now, 2 years later, at the age of 7 has almost raised enough money for her SECOND home for orphans to be built in Africa.

Her Charity is called the Isabelle Reford House of Hope & is organized through the Global Orphan Project.

Isabelle started by selling cards to her family and friends and they now sell for $20 (for a box of 10). The Global Orphans Project site describes the product as..

"All Occasion Cards by Isabelle, is a precious 7 year old who started a little business with one purpose. Helping orphaned and abandoned kids. All of the profits go to help her and her family build orphan homes in areas of the world that need them most. Every box of cards provides enough paper for a school of 100 kids for a month."

i can't embed the video file because ABC has blocked the footage from being added, but here's the link to the story. it will bring a tear to your eye.

check it out. seriously.

luvs it*


  1. i love this post. thats adorable ! and moving and that little girl is inspiration to us all.
    thankyou for enlightening me (:

  2. Are you freakin kidding me? How does a mini person do all that? Pfft, over-achiever.

    (I am joking, by the way. Well, I mean what I write, but I'm joking about the sarcastic tone. I'm actually in a little bit of awe.)


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