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Manic Mondays!

Planning a summer event can be fun, more fun sometimes than a winter event, because you can't wait to fire up the grill, set up a few picnic tables a frolic around the night air barefoot and happy catching fireflies, or.. more likely... sneaking off into a dark corner or sand dune w/ a sandy haired beach baber...

but.. not ALL of the corners should be pitch black. Probably the best part of planning a summer party is the decorations!!! & what better decoration, than...


Paper lanterns, twinkle lights, candles & tiki torches everywhere with flickering flames in crystals strung from the trees. beautiful!

This amazing site LunaBazaar.com has everything from beautiful paper lanterns in every colour, size and price you can imagine, they have printed & square, cheap & more pricey. So many paper lanterns i can barely contain myself! They also have beautiful glass vases, these gorgeous water lily tea light holders, paper parasals, & even Budah statues for the karmically inclined.

I've been thinking about what to do for my upcoming birthday (hint hint, nudge nudge) & i can't think of too many things i'd rather do than eat a little, drink a lot & dance like mad on a beach with friends surrounded by

umbrellas dripping with twinkle lights, warmed by a bon fire, and only being able to see the stars reflecting off the water & the people around me being lit up by these gorgeous paper lanters.

can we say fuck'n magical? what a way to bring in 23. You can best believe that's what my Wedding Reception will be... i am determined. Also... this adorable site hotdateideas.com says set up some cutsie lanterns & have yourself a little late night picnic by lantern light... awe!

it's just another manic monday...
luvs it*


  1. i loveeeeee the xmas white lights. i would decorate my whole block in them if i could!!!!!!

  2. Hey Spanky, thanks for the Hot Date Ideas mention! Like the blog, tho you should cut the crap and say what you really mean.


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