diary of a manic obsessive.


100 proof..

100 things about liv'n, learn'n & luv'n to celebrate my 100th post!!!

10 things about 10 things to collaborate to 100 things that i swear won't be confusing once you see the lists! :o)

10 things that..

...i need in my life:
  1. a mani/pedi... like woah... bright red nails, luvs it. & a tan to go with it.
  2. a new tv since mine has an ugly colour issue going on where the white glows yellow. ugh.
  3. an apartment... like, stat.
  4. my car all fixed up. it might be running again, but i need the window fixed so it'll actually open, & it'd be great if the horrible blemish on the side from when my neighbor hit my parked car would be gone...
  5. a plane ticket to GA! (the strength & courage to fly alone!) to get to my friends Wedding in November. (i'm a b.maid, gotta be there!)
  6. a new book that i'm really interested in reading.
  7. plans for my birthday.. & a cute outfit. i want a beach side party & i want to wear a sick little Cap'ns hat w/ a navy or white or black lil beach dress or bikini... ooooo.
  8. time... i need more time.. lots of time..
  9. a new computer so that i don't have to write all my posts on my sisters computer or my work computer (bc mine is a dino & soo slow)
  10. a romance. might sound cliche, but i think that i've been painfully single for long enough. i need a semi-secretive, tryst of a romance, alla Chandler & Monica. Something that gives me butterflies, something that pops into my head first thing in the morning & drifts me off to sleep at night. Too bad you can't order one of those online & charge it to your plastic... boo...
...i need OUT of my life:
  1. these awful bumps on my arms (sorry, tmi?). i moisturize, i exfoliate, they don't go away!!!
  2. the next 15lbs to make my weight goal.
  3. all the clutter. there's so much crap, everywhere.
  4. this town. to be honest, it has it's ups, but most of the time, i'm sooo over it...
  5. split ends! i'm desperately trying to find a treatment for my hair so i can avoid choping it all off :o(
  6. dumbass boys that don't have any idea what they want... boo.
  7. cravings to food that ends up making me feel sick. i luv me some burgers & dogs, but when ever i get them at work from the greasetastic H.Patties, i never feel well the rest of the day. Bacon Egg & Cheese b.fast sandwiches are not a good idea. they are amazing while i'm eating them, but 15 mins later.. BLECH!!
  8. Friends that make you think twice. i think i've gotten a good amount of these people out of my life. my daily life anyway. but there are still some & they always seem to pop up at the shitiest times. i mean, i guess you can't cut everyone out, but i'd like to keep trimming the fat...
  9. the massive amounts of bug bites on my back from last night. ugh.. go away buggie bites!!!
  10. stress. i've been really good with not letting myself get over stressed. but sometimes it just gets to me... my parents always talking to me about this & that. things that i don't care about. its lke if i'm in the living room.. that means that i'm just sitting here waiting for people to talk to me, or talk loudly around me so i can't hear the tv or myself think. i can't take it sometimes. i'll go from being home alone & relaxed & happy to having my back in knots within the 15 mins it takes them all to walk in the house & start yapping before my mom is asking me if i took the dog out, & when & did i feed her yet, did i do this, did i do that. have i been sitting here all day, what are you watching, why don't you go outside, why don't you read a book... life you life like this. UGH! i need to move OUT OF THIS HOUSE! (sorry.. vent..... breath... wooo...)
...are my goals: (last year, in May, i wrote a post called *silly goals*.. let's see how i've done..)
  1. got a 2nd tat (a ship helm on my wrist)
  2. grew my hair long (but not as long as i want it... again... split ends...)
  3. did NOT sell any trucker hats, or even make any since then. The tally of hand embellished Trucker hats made by Spanky* stays at 1... & that one & only is owned by my girl K...
  4. have NOT met Shia... damnit... but apperently my buddy Matt saw a guy at my old gym that looks like him... i must find him. - also, if he hasn't yet, i think the same friend has or will meet Shia soon... damnit Matt... he's at Comic-Con right now... sooo jeal. (check him out at theflickcast.com & listen to his awesome PodCast which i hope to be a guest on some day soon..)
  5. i do now own something (else) Christian Audigier. I bought a very cute, very original ed hardy hat with a skull & flowers & rhinestones. too cute. luv it. i also now have about 76 ed hardy lighters... i'm verrrry trendy...
  6. i DID get a better job! In fact, this tuesday will be my 1 year anniversary at GigMasters.com!
  7. i have NOT learned to use my nun chucks... still working on that...
  8. i have NOT done much to build up my portfolio... this one will plague me until i do it.
  9. i have NOT really written any songs.. again. damn. all my writing goes to all of you...
  10. i DID learn to handle my insomnia! i guess the cure for that is getting a full time job that wears you the hell out!
...are new goals i'm starting now:
  1. take a class. (again, this all comes down to NO TIME). i drive past this place with voice lessons every day & i keep wanting to call & see how much they are. I want to take singing lessons, yoga, kick boxing, another art history class, an American History 1960's-1990's course, painting, photography, fashion history, fashion design, sewing... marketing. there's so much to learn... (i miss school).
  2. match my goal weight. (which is more about BMI than actual pounds.. so i need to get down to 22BMI... that's a healthy BMI to have & i don't want to boreder on the line of Overweight.)
  3. have at least $5,000 saved (in my savings, seperate from my checking...) by 2010.
  4. get a new computer (like the "i need in my life" question). i need to be able to work without "swipper no swipping" my sisters computer!
  5. read at least 5 books cover to cover by 2010. (i think i'll start with Curious George.. then maybe Cat in the Hat... haha, jk)
  6. Do something scandalous. (i have a secret list of things to do to live a scandalous life... these are going to be kept private... for now... but some of the tamer ones involve dancing on bars, body shots & skinny dipping...)
  7. work on my book. like i have any extra time to write something else, but maybe i can find the time. it's therapeutic... we'll see.
  8. photograph beautiful things. this does go with the "build up my portfolio" task that i haven't met yet... but it's important to specify. i want to capture things that are beautiful so i can remember them & share them.
  9. go on vacation to see something other than this little town. i've seen Vegas now, which is basically the opposite... but i want to see some other culture. I had planned to go to Australia in September, but... through unfortunate reasons, that's not happening...
  10. find someone to eat cheese with... y'know? (watch the video below... it'll all make sense)

...made me smile recently:
  1. my pup. when she's lazy in the morning, when she perks her ears up & follows ants around in the summer.. & even when she rolls in a stink outside. she's just too cute.
  2. this youtube video... JK Wedding Entrance Dance... it's wonderful.
  3. my new iPhone & all the convenience that comes with it.
  4. the dress i bought for an upcoming wedding. So Holly Golightly it's not even funny. i feel classy as hell in it! haha
  5. rediscovering the show Fudge (which i wrote about on a Manic Monday). Luke Tarsitano is just the funniest thing eveeer! i try to watch it on hulu.com with headphones on, but i blow up my own spot constantly when i LOL loudly in the office... oops!
  6. doing REALLY well in Wii Fit (especially the Ski Jump.. i'm awesome)
  7. realizing that if you belt out "Hey Jude" but apply it to yourself... it will make you feel better in any shit situation about life.. "na na na naaaa!" try it.. i swear it works.
  8. sixlets in movie sized boxes from the gas station. If you've never had sixlets, you are missing out. they're like semi-ghetto m&ms & they're awesome. you can never find them anywhere, but now my gas station has them in massive boxes... yesss.... :o)
  9. catching 4 yellow lights on the way home friday from work. if just one is lucky... 4 better bring me a goose that lays golden eggs! haha
  10. iPhone typos. Ok, so most of the time they're annoying as hell.. but every once in a while, you get a gem of a funny mistype that makes the conversation even better. I heard from AmeCakes about how her plans fell through & when i meant to say "awwwe", iPhone (which i've named Penny Lane) decided that "Sewer" was a more appropriate word, so... i accidentally sent "sewer". Classic.. now we have a new term thanks to Penny Lane.
...frustrate me:
  1. the walkway to my house. if it rains (which it has ALL SUMMER) there's no way to get from my car to my house w/o getting wet... even after the rain is over. The bushes & plants are so over growns that you have to walk either on the wet grass or lke an old crippled gnome scurrying in a creeptastic way to avoid the branches. (dumb.)
  2. the tiny scars on my finger from poison ivy last year. fuck'n gross.
  3. being sleepy. zzzz.....
  4. when tivo doesn't do its job... but that's not too common... tivo is a good soldier. working for the best cause.. my entertainment!
  5. writers block (& not having an answer for all of these questions!)
  6. headaches & back aches
  7. not getting NESN making it hard for me to see Red Sox games
  8. my sister talking a million words a min about how the world is so unfair in the highest pitch that literally makes my back twist up in impossible knots & kinda makes me want to scream "SHUT UP!"... but then she gets mad at me & tells me to "calm down".... ugh...
  9. bug bites.. little fuckers... i know i'm "sweet" but back off!
  10. not having the answers... i hate it that i don't know the answers to things. i wish that i could help other people with their problems in a way that would truly make a difference. I wish that i could help myself too... take a big dose of my own medicine... with a spoonful of sugar...
...make me jealous:
  1. skinny girls. i'm still working on my diet & trying to work off any extra weight, but i am def jealous of skinny girls!!!
  2. chicks who can walk around in stilletos with no problem! haha I'm working on it, it's def a goal to be able to wear heels out w/o a back up pair of flops or uggs in the car just in case!
  3. my bestie, Novelista Barista's blog & followers. I don't know HOW she does it. where does she find the time? She works just as much as i do! Lucky bitch has the time to write, comment, network, read... enjoy.. i feel like i'm always rushing, heart pounding to get what i want up. bitch started her blog in MARCH & already has over 100 followers & 120 posts!
  4. the gorgeous house that E is subletting on Entourage... i want it...
  5. everything about Sloan on Entourage. Emmanuelle Chriqu. She's beautiful, tough, awesome & her name is Sloan... plus her hair & clothes are sick.
  6. Daisy of Love - daisy might be called "trashy" by some people, & i'm not saying that she's the classiest chick in the world... (but i think that it's classier to own who you are than to rag on others... just saying) She's hot, she's rock'n & the biggest thing she has to complain about is which hottie to pick to be her BFer... cough cough FLEX IS SO FUCKING HOT cough...
  7. a certain friend of mine's recent fling with a hot boy with an accent... :o) that bitch... (hate u!!! so jeal!!!)
  8. another friend of mine picked up & moved across the country... yea... i'm def pissed thats not me...
  9. my buddy matt is in Cali at Comic-Con... :o( i wish i was there...
  10. my sister is going to college in a month... the college i wanted to go to when i was in high school. she's studying pop culture & media in art & other amazing wonderous magical knowledge full courses & get'n out of this house... uh-JEALOUS!!!
...i've been meaning to do:
  1. show you all this commercial... HA!
  2. talk up my SOCIAL NETWORK!!! - LivingVicariously.ning.com JOIN IT! HELP ME MAKE IT HUGE!!!! It should speak for itself... so GO THERE!!!!! it's a place for us all to go to vent, discuss & babble about the dreams we have that haven't come true yet or seem to only come true for others! puh-lease go there, pleassseeeee tell ur friends!!!!
  3. Keepsake Award - Thank you Jennifer-face for the award!!! I'm not sure how to hand it out. but i'm going to say that i'd like to give it to... (drum roll...) Elise at Without Rhyme or Reason! (i hope you don't already have one... no regifting!!!!) I gotta say, this blog is one of my favs. i feel like almost everything she writes could have been written about, by or for me. Good job Elise! Keep it up! (but i kinda miss ur blue butterflies!)
  4. MeMe Award - I just don't have the time or patience right now. but i'll do it, i swear... thnx jennifer.
  5. donate/sell/throw out tons of my old shit. I feel like i could have an entire etsy shop of crap that i just don't need anymore... i'll call it "Spanky's Over it..." haha an online yard sale... everything MUST GO! i'll sell things for 79 cents & barder for other peoples crap that's old to them but new to me. it'll be a revolution of crap changing hands... PACK RATS UNITE!!!! keep the junk alive!
  6. get involved with a charity - this is something that i wish more than anything i had the time to do. a few years ago i got about 89% of the way through the perliminary steps of planning a charity event & i think got distracted by work, school, boys.. y'know.. fuck'n life... ugh.
  7. paint. i have paints & a canvas waiting to be used for something great.. i just have to DO it.
  8. clean. goes along wth #5 but seriously.. it's just so exhausting.
  9. learn french. well, at least a little bit. i mean, i guess this is more of a goal than something i've been "meaning to do".... but i'll put it here. i have been meaning to do it... lol.
  10. put my new sheets on my bed. it just is such a pain to get those sheets up over the corners & you gotta like stand between the wall & hold youself up against the headbored & shift your weight around while trying not to step on your stuffies! ugh. pain in the butt!
...i'm looking forward to watching:
  1. Where the Wild Things Are. - the childhood adventure dream favourite has been made into a live action film. it looks amazing. AmeCakes & i watched the trailor the other day & new it was going to be amazing when we got chills. i'm so stoked. (watch the trailer here)
  2. Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland - ive writen about this movie already, but you should probably expect that i'll write about it again. I'm so incredibly psyched for this movie i can't even contain myself. (watch the newly released trailer here)
  3. Taking Woodstock - again with the chills... i can not wait.. plus... see if u can catch the super fast second of Jeffery Dean Morgan? ooooo. (watch it!)
  4. How to Make it in America - I've written about this before too. Bryan Greenberg is so yum. Kid Cudi too... There's no clip of the show yet... but there IS a clip of the concert that i went to where Kid Cudi came out as a suprise to the audience & sang "You Can Run"... awesome.
  5. Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 2 - it's just awful... but i luv it.. & i really want to know who "Big Poppa" is... i have a feeling that it's like... George Hamilton or David Hasslehoff.. haha.
  6. Jason Mraz & G.Love in concert - now... i haven't gotten tickets... or anyone to go with me yet... but i'm hoping.. PRAYING that i get to go. i luv them both...
  7. Melrose Place - yesssss.
  8. Ab Fab - American Remake of the BBC classis... i bet it's going to be teerrrible... Kristen Johnston & Kathryn Hahn will be amusing... i predict a train wreck i won't be able to turn away from.
  9. (500) Days of Summer - Zooey Deschanel & Joesph Gordon Levitt. they're both too cute & this movie looks funky & adorable.
  10. The Time Travelers Wife - sobfest. i'm looking forward to it tho. maybe i should wait for the dvd so i'm not sitting there in the theatre boo-hooing like a bitch! haha
...inspired me recently:
  1. LOVE - The Beatles Cirque Del Sole show. it was amazing. it was the most beautiful thing i've ever seen. it sounds stupid, but i really feel like it opened up a whole other world in my head. it was amazing.
  2. this quote i read on Novelista Barista's bloggie
    "I feel compelled to give some sense of escapism. I think its the reason I'm here." -m.jackson
  3. this bed by Shawn Lovell Metals...
  4. David LaChapelle's photography. His show Naked! is at the Paul Kasmin Gallery in NY, NY until September 19th... i want to go... real bad.
  5. Voodoo Problems. DJ Devious' rendition of Voodoo Child vs. 99 Problems Jimi & Jay-Z... uh-mazing!
  6. French Bull designs. especially this comforter set in pink paisley. ($175) & this platter in mulitidot, or as i called it when i was little "pokobot"! ($18)
  7. re-reading Wheetzie Bat (my fav book ever) has, like always opened my eyes & brain to the possibilities that could be mine.. if i get to it!!!
  8. the "backgrounds" app on my iPhone has constantly updated photos from Flikr. some aren't great, but a lot of them are awesome & some even breath taking.
  9. so many of the blogs i've been reading. i don't want to call out on anyone just yet in paticular, but i'm all about spreading the inspiration luv. I'm not totally aware of the rules of awards, but if anyone knows if it's kosher to just make one up, let me know!
  10. The Beatles - i know i started this section with *LOVE* & now i'm ending it with The Beatles... but ever since i saw the show i'm even more obsessed with the band than ever. i feel like for years i've been in luv with the early years... i'm undoubtedly hooked on all the older stuff now. everything. i hear the first note of Elenor Rigby or Day in the Life & i'm lit up. Hey Jude, like i said earlier, has turned into an ultimate pick me up song. Even stretching over into Across the Universe (the movie) & listening to Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite as sung by Eddie Izzard is epic in itself!!! i just luv it alllllll. it all teaches me that all i DO need... is LUV!!!
sorry this was so long everyone. trust me... it took longer to write than to READ!
this is the lobby at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas... this is where you walk into see LOVE... amazing, jaw dropping craziness the whole damn time. i want to go back.. right now.... please.

now... since this was such a looooooong postie... i thought that i'd reward you awesome readers that actually read thru the whole thing... i'm announcing my first ever *GIVE AWAY* but it's going to be a suprise... i will post a questionaire about this post sometime in the next week... if you can answer the questions, you'll be eligible for the giveaway, but this little super awesome 'ganza won't be happening until i have 23 followers - hopefully before my 23rd bday... the prizes will consist of various things i've mentioned on the blog in the past.. & i'm feeling generous... so tell your friends to come follow the blog so we can get this show on the road, eh?

luvs it*


  1. Get outta here!! Thanks for the award, it's my first one :) Thanks thanks thanks!!

    There are so many things on your list that I'm ya-huh-ing about: my own place to live, my own Chandler/Monica fling, goddamn goal weight, money, working on a book, effing skinny bitches, all that stuff: me too.

    Ooh, and I recommend just having the split ends cut off. Nothing else will fix them and nothing else feels better than a head full of healthy-looking hair! You'll feel SO much better. xx

  2. I cant BELIEVE im not on ur list that makes u happy! gr!!!! lol
    i love that trojan commercial.
    this was a shit load of sara in a bucket here!! lol
    and i am slightly exctied for ur giveaway!!
    YAY i love u xoxo

  3. hahha, you can't have the giveaway! that's like insider trading or something. you're not valid! hahaha plus, you'd never give me a giveaway that you did... but it would save me on shipping.. i could just like.. throw it at you. HAHA...

    you're not on my list of happiness bc you on my list of jelaousy! hahaha but wow.. way to bitch u brat, you're ALL OVER my blog all the time "check out novelista barista" here's the link, i link to your blog more than anything else you nut!

  4. LOL okay fineeeeeeeeeee. take that with my post though hahah

  5. I don't know when your birthday is, but I'll do my part to get you to 23 by 23...



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