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I'd like a little Trophie..

I was browsing through Etsy last night (which can be dangerous to say the least) & i stumbled upon a menagerie of little luvlies.

The store "Trophies" is a literal Fearie land of things i think i might just need in my life. (now i just need a more disposable income so i can afford to frost myself in these trinkets of poetry and childhood words to live by).

One item in particular caught my fancy, so i promptly made it a favourite ("hearted it" in etsy jargon) and started dropping hints to my Mother & Sister (aka "yo... i want this... look, look, look at this, i want this... buy it for me... my birthday is in a month...").

*Fleur's Snitch Necklace*

how cuuuute is it? i just luv it so much. i want to wear it with a little olive green boho dress wonder getup.

i'm also in luv with many other things in her shop. She's got the perfect quote selections for her pieces.

This pin is too cute. I dont' know when i'd ever wear a pin... but if i did, i'd like this one. haha. This quote is one of my favourites from Harry Potter partially because of my appreciation of how they chose to incorporate it into the movie. I can't even read the words without singing it in my head like in the movie...

Also, we all know that i have a total obsession with Alice in Wonderland.

"Why is a Raven like a writing desk?" - a question the world will never have an answer to... & being kinda OCD... i'd usually go nuts not knowing... but there is such a beauty to the fact that there is no answer & even more given that the Mad Hatter & the March Hare don't much seem to notice... or care!
"Have you guessed the riddle yet?" the Hatter said, turning to Alice again.
"No, I give it up," Alice replied. "What's the answer?"
"I haven't the slightest idea," said the Hatter.
"Nor I," said the March Hare.
Alice sighed wearily. "I think you might do something better with the time," she said, "than wasting it in asking riddles that have no answers."
Alice always explains herself in the most polite yet spaced out way. She feels the need to exlpain herself even when she has no idea who "herself" is at the moment - & i quite admire that about her.

"I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, Sir, because I'm not myself, you see."

I also luv the other randoms in the Trophies Shoppe... she has necklaces requesting the reader to "make tea, not war" "make love, not Horcruxes" (ok, harry potter again, not random) & of course... the "flying fuck" necklace which she so politely blurred out for those with virginal eyes!

All current 83 items for sale in the shoppe are reasonably priced and intriguing. I hope to save up some lucky pennies (or maybe just pay off my bill from the car being in the shop) & buy myself a treat soon. (or maybe mommy will get me the golden snitch for my bday! every 23 year old needs a harry potter necklace... duh!)
I know that my sister would be SO jeal if i snagged this Ron Weasley finger puppet, we all know that "Potter may be Hotter, but I'd go Sleezy for Ron Weasley" & that the sis piece & i battle over the red-head (i mean, come on.. the actors name is Rupert Grint... that just ADDS to the luv factor!!!)

luvvvs it*


  1. ooohhhh i love that stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sleezy for weasley?!?

    shoot i think i would too...love the gingers

  3. Trophies is amazing!! Thanks for the blog on her and her amazing crafts :)

  4. ohmygosh, I NEED the snitch!!!! thank you for leading me to the shop!!!

  5. Happy Sunday! I am making way through all of the comments I received when I was featured on SITS. It really is a great SITSahood.
    Thank you so much for visiting me and have a blessed day!


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