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giveaway de jour. - Novelista Barista

as promised, i'm posting about my #1 prison bitch's giveaway:
"editor"s note: i am reposting this giveaway, but i will not be entering the giveaway. i LUV the prize, but i don't believe that it would be fair to win an item from my bffer. We are lucky enough to be bloggie buddies/sometimes bloggie competitors, & i hope & expect her to help advertise for me, as i will with her [again, i'm sorry, i forgot about this giveaway!] but if there's a funky thing i think she should have, i'll just get it for her, she doens't need to win.
So, with that said, the giveaway de jour for today is hosted by none other than JenBunny @ Novelista Barista:

and the prize is from Shabby Chic Designs on the wonderful world of etsy!

make sure to go HERE to enter the giveaway!
[while you're at it, add to your entry giveaway that you were reffered by me... please. haha]
luvs it*


  1. do you always have to throw it in my face that you guys know each other????

  2. LOL aweeee come to new york and visit chicas!!!!!!!!! u can stay with me!!!!


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