diary of a manic obsessive.


meet the clique...

Rick (Rickdiculous), Spanky, Dave (D Weiss-guy) & Amy (AmeCakes)

the fearsome foursome, deemed, ironically, "the clique" at work.
this is my mini, everyday family.
the sad story is, we're kinda breaking up.

it's not because anyone wants us to, but now that AmeCakes has moved onto the big beautiful city, the vibe is changing.
i'm so happy for her, but i do miss her.
it's kinda sad.
this picture was taken this weekend at our AmeCakes birthday party. We were joined by many other friends including Tara aka "t.molito" or Mojito, and Bobby aka Boobie.
i was actually pretty proud of myself, i was DD & drank gingerale at the bar.
good for me!

luvs it*


  1. aww, am sorry that she left. I know it can be sad I miss my best friend all the time...lovely picture :)

  2. :( I miss you guys every damn day...but I'm always here!

    And thank you again for DD-ing, I had a great bday lover bear.


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