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the challenge: damn it feels good to be a gangstah.

about 8, 9 months ago, a challenge was accepted.
[dum, dum, dummmm]
at my job, we base a lot of out informaiton off "the numbers"
[ya, like... most companies...]
we have these things, called "gig requests" that are the basic blood cells of our companies livelyhood.
last January [our busiest month for requests in the whole year] we relaunched the site with a new look. We called the facelift, ominously, "The Redesign". it was basically code for "hell on earth" within the office walls.
As sort of a "penis showing game", we came up with some milestones to keep our spirits high during the following months of answering awful questions and checking the Morning Report as soon as our computers were up & running.
Of course, being who i am, one day i stated that:
"if we ever get to 700 requests in a day, K [one of my two bosses, co-Pres & co-founder of the company] would have to gut a fish on his desk, alla Office Space"
he accepted.
[voila, penis showing game: activated. my job satisaction skyrocketed]
the only thing was, we were waaaaay far from the empire of 700 requests. We were averaging low 400's every day.

Other goals quickly followed;
  • 750 would be a Wii for the office Conference/Break Room,  
  • 7,000 members would be a Carnivalesque popcorn machine 
    • (which would result in smoking out the office and having the fire alarm blaring while we stood outside and were glared at my the neighboring offices) and, the first goal to be met
  • Champaign at 550.
Well, ladies & gents. it is my proud honour to announce to you all that, today, January 12th, 2010 the Morning Repost for yesterdays count read...

oh yeeeeaaaaaa
that means, in one miraculous day, we beat two records we've been working toward for almost a year.
K guts a fish 
[obviously there will be more on this later]
& Wii for the office! 
[can't wait to beat the boys in boxing & baseball, ha!]
luvs it*


  1. wow that is awesome!! congrats!! it seems like today is the day for big achievements you and your bestie, need to go out and celebrate!! :)

  2. WOW!!! sounds like really good news hun!!!


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