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too hot tuesday: Paul Wesley vs. Ian Somerhalder

ooo, Vampires are definitely hot.
i was so against the show "The Vampire Diaries" at first because, honestly, it seemed like a total rip off of Twilight...
but... then i watched it...
it's really good, & actually pretty different from Twilight.
-Elena wasn't the new kid in town like Bella was, she was already there, with roots & friends when the steamy Stefan arrived.
-Her best friend is a witch girl, not a werewolf man...
-the "bad" vampire is Stefan's super sexy brother, Damon
-Vampires don't hate human food, in fact they eat it (well, Damon has...)
so, notice, mention of two, yes two mouth watering vamp's in this post already.

Paul Wesley, 27
"Stefan Salvatore"
[click here for more on "the q"...]
Everwood [TV - 2003-04]: Bad Boy & Drug Dealer - Tommy Callahan
The OC [TV - 2003]: [first episode only] Co-Worker & Friend to Ryan - Donnie
look for:
Beneath the Blue [movie - 2010]: about a conflict between a team of dolphin experts & the US Navy - [first billed] Craig Morrison

Ian Somerhalder, 31
"Damon Salvatore"

[click here for more on "the q"...]
Lost [TV - 2004-10]: brother to the "Queen Bitch of the Island" Shannon - Boone Carylle
The Rules of Attraction [movie - 2002]: bi-sexual with a crush on James van der Beak's character Sean - Paul Denton
Recess [short film - 2004]: about the perfect prep school of the future - produced & played Cooley
look for:
Cradelwood [movie - 2011]: Horror/Thriller, girl meets boy, boy has money, trouble comes with money - [first billed]: Josh
How to Make Love to a Woman [movie - 2010]: "a comedy of miss-communication between the sheets" - Daniel

which vamp would YOU let suck your blood!?
guess we'll have to let them fight it out

"bite me..."
Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore
Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore


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  1. Oh, it's all about Ian Somerhalder. No competition. Playing the bad boy just makes him all that much better.

  2. I say Ian. I never thought he was all that when he was on LOST but he smolders on Vampire Diaries. I guess I've always liked a bad boy.


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