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pull it together!

ugh, i have sooo much to say. there is literally a pad of paper sitting next to me with a loooong list of topics i've been hoping to write about. i have goals, storys, photos, fun things, sad thing, confusing things & news about dates with ducks. but i just can't seem to get my shit together to actually write about it all!!!
it's so god damn frustrating! I still have to talk about the damn Duck Pond that i finally made, tell you all to send me on to anyone you think would make a good advice duck, bribe everyone to add my badge to their blogs, send out the giveaway, make my virtual book shelf, tell you about *my wish* & do a million other things.
noe JenBunny is mad bc i didn't promote her give away bc i'm a terrible friend & i forgot she was hosting one, but i don't want to die, so i'll post it as soon as i can.

luvs.... it....*


  1. awww *hugs* this blogging thing can be quite the time sucker, and if you are busy then its even worse! I hope you can get some order back soon, caus eI am dying to know about all thoose ducks and your wishes, and your bookshlef lol..

  2. take a break babe, we're not going anywhere...sometimes, all we need is a holiday.



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