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won't you help to sing...

As you all know, i write for the MySpace/Facebook articles for my company.
I thought i'd share the most recent article i've written, devoted to Haiti.
"Won't you help to sing"
We understand that sometimes it’s appropriate to put down the toasting glass, and raise awareness, rather than be the life of the party.
While we continue to book events and hope that, worldwide, spirits are high, this week, we take a pause in the hype-up business and ask that everyone join us in bringing aid, and sending positive energy to those devastated by the disaster in Haiti.
GigMasters is donating to the cause, and hopes that performers will follow in our footsteps.
Music for Relief: is accepting donations to be split among the United Nations Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, and the Dave Matthew’s Band’s BAMA works Haitian relief program, as well as offering an unreleased music compilation for free download.
Yele Haiti: Musician, and Haitian native, Wyclef Jean, has provided the option for donations via text message (text YELE to 501501) in the amount of $5, through his foundation, to help his homeland. The rapper also held a tearful Press Conference on Monday, January 18th, 2010, explaining his love for the tragedy stricken country, and his devotion to the restructure and relief for the people of Haiti.
Hope for Haiti Now telethon: Rhianna stopped by the Oprah show Wednesday, January 20, 2010 to perform a cover of the Bob Marley classic, “Redemption Song” for Haiti. The cover is available on iTunes, and proceeds of the $1.29 track will go toward aid.
For those of you performing at events in the upcoming weeks, take a moment to bring the people of Haiti to your thoughts and the hearts of your clients. Offer a moment of silence to remember those lost, and consider donating some of your time to put together a benefit show. Remember, we are all so lucky to be doing what we are, and living where we do. It’s time for us to come together and help those who need us.
For more information on how to help, check out msnbc.com’s list of “How to Help” here.

thank you for reading my more professional writing. sometimes it's a bit over bubbley, but this one really took some time to write from the heart.
i hope you all enjoyed it, & will take a moment to pledge some money to Haiti.

[the title of this article is "won't you help to sing", a line from Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" as referred to in the article. The cover by Rhianna is available for $1.29 on iTunes.]
luvs it*

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  1. I like to see your more professional writing...this was a good one, and I hope that lots of pepople are encouraged to at least purchase the Rhianna song.


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