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jealous: ashton & demi

i'm already jealous that Demi bagged the hottest funny-man prankstah there is... but now, i'm totes jeal to the max!
Ashton posted this today, that made me almost spit out my tea
aplusk: i just realized Jersey Shore is like Cops before the cops show up.
ha, wonderful observation.
Then, i noticed that demi-wifey posted this freak'n adorable picture.

with the tweet "Photo Booth Love"...
why'd she post it? umm... because she CAN! how unfairly cute & perf. luvs them both so much.

dear future hubby,
get ready, bc i'm all about the adorable PDA. you will be kissing me on camera.
future wifey*

[dear future husband idea borrowed from Melissa Blake @ "so about what i said...
- hers are much better & longer & make more sense. mine are just kinda whiny!]
luvs it*


  1. They are absolutely adorable... I luv them too.

  2. Melissa borrowed the idea from someone else so there is no need to give her credit.

  3. that is so cute! couple camera kisses can be so adorable! :)

  4. Awwww now I want to go in a photo booth!!! :D

  5. to Anonymous:
    the credit is due because that is where i saw it first.

    to Angel, Shels & Ambar: we should all be so lucky! haha



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