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my wish*

this year, i have a wish. a *big* one.
i wish that i will go to Ireland with JenBunny.
[ps: any other blogger users annoyed that there is NO good green font colours? there's a real shortage of good colour options... i hate it.]
we've been talking about it for a while. hell, we've been talking about going [somewhere, anywhere] for a lonnnng time. over the past few years the point of destination has changed.
we've considered the ideas of Greece, Mexico, Vegas, Canada, France, London, Italy [i think], even Australia.
We've opted for the homeland.
[okay, so J is a lot more Irish than i am, but i'm very aware & proud of my Irish blood, even if it's mixed with 3 other kinds.]
why Ireland, you ask!?
well, it's gorgeous....

it's old & cultured...

it's just GOTTA have slam'n nightlife [duh, it's like the mecca of drink'n & singing pub songs]

Woody Allen gives it 2 thumbs up

"Ireland's one of the few places that lives up to the hype, that is as beautiful as everyone tells you it is." 
-Woody Allen

&.. there's the men... that accent literally makes me melt into a big, mushy, gushy pile of school girl [irish catholic, even tho i'm not catholic] giddiness.

case... point... got it.
personally, i want to kiss the Blarney stone [typical tourist], go to the Guinness factory, & then go on the Zane Lamprey "Three Sheets: Ireland" tour.

My wish, however, is not a cheap one. by any means.
we haven't worked it out completely yet, but it's gunna run us a pretty, shiny little penny...

Spank, i luvs ya, how can i help?
[i feel like a tool]
if you were so inclined, i have placed a little donation button [via PayPal] on the side bar of this here bliggity blog.
anyone that would like to share some [monetary] luv, & donate to the cause of *Spanky does Ireland*, please feel free.

Obviously, i'd blog about the entire thing, take a bazillion photos & video & maybe, just MAYBE it could be a jumping off point for me to writing a book (we'll see).

so, there's my wish. 
but wait! i'm not totes selfish, didja think i was?
nah.... i'll be donating 7% [my lucky number] of everything donated to the
[since i'm asking for my wish to come true, I'll pass it on to someone else as well.]
luvs it*


  1. Can't believe that you didn't give a mention to the other big reason you had to visit Ireland. Seeing your personal tour guide!


  2. hahahahaha, well i didnt want to make u feel obligated!

    i absolutely will, & u shuld promote my wish so we can afford to come see u!!! ha!

  3. it seems like a wonderful wish, and its lovely that you plan to share!! :)

  4. Hope you had a great New Year and look forward to reading your blog in 2010. All the best with your trip.

  5. Awwwwwww, I've never considered Ireland as a vacation/visiting spot. BUt you made it sound so amazing. Good luck huns!! :D I'll pass it along.


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