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idol: Kristin Chenoweth

who doesn't like Kristin Chenoweth?

i just saw the promo for the Critics' Choice Awards, hosted by the luvly K.Chenoweth.

ha! how cute! i luvs her, i can't wait!
Chenoweth, affectionately called "PeeWee" by Jon Hamm at the Emmy's [clip below] was one of my favs on The West Wing, Won a Tony for being Sally in broadways "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown", was glinda in Broadways Wicked &, of course, was Olive on Pushing Daisies, a show that was not given it's due & was canceled before i was ready to let go.
[i like the nickname PeeWee... it's so cute. i wanna be someones PeeWee]

she reminds me a little of my friend JG & looks a little like Duffy, too!
she's def a fav of mine & a total Lolli.

luvs u PeeWee!

luvs it*

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