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Challenge: 365 Photos.

this is just one of the best things i've ever seen. i always end up thinking about it.
last year [December 1st, 2009] my pops turned 53. He is an amateur photographer & decided that he was going to take a self portrait, every day, to document his 53rd [technically 54th?] year. 
i want to do this, take a photo every day for a year & make it into a movie.

Does anyone want to take this challenge with me?
*Take one photo of yourself, in the same basic position, every day, for one year.*

ok, so i know that it's one hell of a challenge, & who knows where we'll all be in a year, but the good thing is, no matter where you go [unless you're arrested & in jail, or you go to the moon, which would be awesome] you'll probably be able to take one stink'n picture of yourself everyday.

If you're up for the challenge, pledge with a comment. if you don't think you can do a whole year [chicken.. braock, bru-bru-brauck - yes those are chicken noises] then, maybe commit to a month, a few months? between now & your next milestone?
[if you can] make a video of your photos when you're done. If you can't make a video, ask me when you're done & i'll [probably] make a video for you.
This can be an awesome thing to see how we all change & grow, day to day.
[see examples on "the q"...]

are you up for it?
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"the q" for loads more spanky! 
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luvs it*


  1. YES--i really want to do this! i will start tomorrow : )

  2. I wanted to do this but I dont have a camera lol..So kinda had to do! I wish you luck and I hope to see some of your wonderful pics!

  3. Have you heard of Project 365?? If not google it!!! I believe I'm in... YIKES!!!!!!

  4. hey dear, I read your comment... no idea what that was all about. I was referring to a project called project 365 DUH. Where ppl do the exact same thing you wanna do... there's HUNDREDS of ppl involved. Here's the link.. http://365project.org/

    it's awesome, I also found this super cool video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55YYaJIrmzo


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