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cabin fever.

o man, i feel like i've been getting a bit nutty the past week.
it's only been 1 week since i've been able to drive, yet i feel like i've started going a little nutzo!

i was supposed to go to this thing at my fav local bar on Monday, with a girlfriend of mine, Very Berry, but she'd had a crazy day, started with a rough nights sleep, so she didn't end up going out.
then, i was going to go out Thursday w/ Gia Pet, but, she ended up not really wanting to either (majour blizzard out of no where in this dumb state made driving kinda stupid - took my dad & i 50 mins to get me to work Thursday morning... i live less than 10 miles away!). So, both nights, i stayed in.

Last night, i went out with [basically] everyone from work as a "Welcome" Happy Hour for the newest hire, Alex. It was fun, got a little cracra, but, overlall, it was a nice couple of hours.
-funniest thing that's happened in a long time Everyone i was with (Rickdiculous, Drew Stoga aka Stoga Party, Kelly Bean, Bossmen Mike & Kevin, D Weiss-Guy & New Guy Alex, who's nickname i've decided will be Allegro, bc his last name is Dancho, and the mexican place across the street from work is called Rancho Allergo... aka Dancho Allegro... ) decided that they wanted to try the super hot, 5 alarm wings, called "Hell Fire".
A plate (probably the 6th for the table) was dropped off, and everyone (not me or Kelly Bean) took one. They all geared themselves up to bit into the super hot wings, and after a second, they all started saying that it wasn't that bad & "these wings are pretty tasty actually!"...
As they all go on their macho manly wing eating talents, i point out the name of the 5 alarm wings to Rickdiculous saying "ha, they're called 'Hellfire'!"... as he goes to look, saying "pah, really?" & "do they have a 6 alarm? these are nothing!" - A guy with a huge platter of VERY spicy looking (dripping with sauce) wings came over announcing "I GOT AN ORDER OF HELLFIRE WINGS HERE!"...
i burst out laughing. the wings they'd been eating, were like medium heat, maybe.
we all had a good laugh (me thinking it was HILAR), & they all started again, to dive into the real spicy wings.
[the footage i have of this will be loaded to the GigMasters Facebook Fan Page...
there was also the guy who came up to me & Kelly Bean outside, while having a smoke, and told me that i was "so hot", "fine looking" & looked 16 all in the same few breaths...
i looked at him & said "you thought that i was 16 & you came out here saying that shit to me?!"
spanky - 1, creeper - 0

i've spent most of the day hoping my looming cold will realize it's not welcome & go away, watching some bad TV & cleaning out my closest.
I've bagged up two large garbage bags of clothes to be donated, but i have some that i'm not sure about.
I might try them on, take photos, & post them so you can help me decide (sound good?).

while making some tea today, i noticed today's mail was in the dining room... what did i find?

So, now, i need to find something to do with myself tonight, before i get even more crazed in my Cabin Fever... i hope that someone is around to go drink w/ me.

Then, i'll be back to cleaning tomorrow.

Unfortunately, my friend Des, suffered from a family tragedy this past week.
His Father passed away from cancer.
The funeral is on Tuesday, &, even though I don't think I met Des' father more than maybe once, years ago, i've been friends w/ Des for years, & I think I should go to support him.
Hoss is coming home for the weekend for it, as well as Lannon. I think that Lannon (ex fame duck) will end up staying with me for a few nights, so i have to really step up the cleaning.
I guess we're all (ex fame duck, Hoss, & a bunch of other old friends) are going to try to take Des out Monday night & let him unwind a bit. i hope that things don't get too crazy though.

so, now i can drive again. i have to bring these clothes to be donated, be there for an old friend, pack up some boxes of junk to either store or sell, throw away a ton of trash, pay off some bills, fix this damn disaster of a dye job, get some things back in gear & start making a real change.
[first things first: cure the cabin fever. 
find something to do tonight!
do i a) see if anyone ends up coming 
out tonight, or 
b) be spontaneous & go to the city w/ Very Berry?]
to end the post on a happy note, & hopefully inspire myself as well as all of you, i give you this:
luvs it*


  1. That's a classic shootdown, on what was really a creepy thing for him to say! Come on. What the heck is wrong with that guy? It's like he's bragging he finds 16 year olds so fine and hot.

    Well good job on that, and congrats on the reinstatement!

  2. wow, that wings story was funny, and that guy thinking you were 16 then calling it hot is creepy lol, hope you loos that cabin fever soon!

  3. Ew, in jail he'd be used as currency. They'd cut off his little man-pecker and flush it in front of him on his first day and then refer to him as the ashtray. I'm actually proud of you for your burn lol!

    Oh, and well done on the license reinstatement. Huzzah!



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