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too hot tuesday: Reggie Bush

alright, alright, i know, it's blatently NOT tuesday, like at all... but, because of the drama-rama & the sad events of real Tuesday this week, i wasn't able to update, so i'm doing it now.
[i'll probably end up changing the date, 
eventually, to cheat & say it was a tuesday... 
haha, you won't tell on me, will you?]

Superbowl is this weekend & i'm all over the Saint's taking it home.
No, i'm not a year round Saint's fan, persay, i'm a Patriots fan, fo' sho.
but.. i'm def a night/day, summer/winter, baseball season/football season, first run Kardashians/re-run Kardashians, Reggie Bush fan.
So, it seems fitting that this weeks too hot [friday] tuesday is:
Reggie Bush, 24
hello man-meat! oooo-la-la!
Unfortunately, this post is going to be totes short, & i feel bad that i won't be able to give Reggie the attention that i've been giving all my other celebu-ducks. 
[sorry Reg, but i'm writing this at the tail end
of the office superbowl party & everyone
seems to be packing up to leave!]
i'll admit, i don't even really know all that much about him, other than:
- he's hella fine
- he dates Kim Kardashian
- he's a Running Back for the New Orleans Saints
- his number is 25
- he look super sexy in black & gold.

they literally could not be a hotter couple.

Kim - youz a lucky biotch!
Good luck this weekend, Reggie!
[help me win the office pool against Bossman!]
luvs it*

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  1. Yes girl, it wasn't tues, but your reason is justified. Kim is definitely a lucky biotch, cuz he is hella fine... you shud see him on da cover of essence (feb)... HOT


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