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hey my luvies.

Sorry i've been missing in action for a few days.
i've been half a busy little worker bee trying to organize my room & get everything into it's place.
i've actually thrown clothes away (who ever would have thought it was possible!), packed up some old things, bought a million organizer thingers, took down some ancient posters & hung up my *new & improved* goals board (OCD OCD OCD OCD... haha)
[see all my ducks?!]
i basically spent the weekend in my room cleaning & straightening things up, & then i went out Thursday, Friday & Saturday night w/ Travy.

Thursday, T & i went to one of the Asian Fusion places in town, where our really good friend is the bartender. Little did we know, he had called out sick, so we didn't get to see him, but i did have some uh-mazing Shrimp Tempora Sushi, Avacado Cucumber Rolls &, of course, some yumtastic Pinot Grigio [luvs the vino!] Finished the meal with drool worth fried bananas. omgggg...
We ended up at the local watering hole w/ my ex, & our really good friend, Kerm. We chilled there for a while.

Friday, we went back to "the local watering hole" & chilled, again, w/ Kerm. We saw our friends Blondie & her bf Bergie-berg. With a blizzard outside, & my car under a mound of snow, T drove, so i opted to get shitfaced.
Vodka Tonic, Shot, Shot, Lava Lamp Martini, Beer, Beer... Vodka Tonic... beer... beer... beer...
i got niiiice & toasted. We went back to Kerms w/ Bergie for a while, stopped at some other late night house party[ish] thing &, after walking all over the small town in the snow, & my damn heels, i was to' up & ready for bed.
Saturday, we went out for our friend BD's birthday & had a pretty good time,
'cept for the fact that She Who Shall Not Be Named was there, in her usual form, getting drunk & being obnoxious. T even told me that, a few times in the night, she had come up to him asking why i "said this" or "said that"... ya.. i hadn't said anything. T knew, bc he'd been w/ me all night! that didn't matter, i guess. Once she had something in her head, she was set on making it drama.

All in all, T & i had a blasty. We had drinks, talked to friends, saw good people we haven't seen in a while, watched BD get progressively drunker, as he damn well should on his bday!

i'm proud of myself though, even though, later, at my house, w/ just T, i did let it out that she'd really pissed me off, i didn't let it be seen while we were out. I didn't make a big [or even a small] deal over it at all.

what did you do this weekend?
did YOU have any fun drinks that you wanna tell me about? I'm alllways looking for something new & fun to have at the bar!

luvs it*


  1. I have missed you!! :( the inly reason I forgive your absence is because you have been A.) Productive and B.) Having fun (which you deserve for working so hadr :))...OTher than that I would be very sad lol, Glad to have you back and glad you had a great weekend, mine was good to..very relaxing.I watched so many french movies, I feel like I can speak the language now lol..( i wish*)

  2. thanks my luv. don't worry, there's a good amount coming out this week, it's just going to take some SERIOUS hustle on my part!!!


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