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a letter from Spanky: Too Hot Tuesdays

Dear Readers,
So, i've been taking careful notes on the posts that i write & how many comments/interest they get. 
ironically enough, the posts that take the most time & stress are the Too Hot Tuesdays & i never rarely see any interest in them. 
- is it the guys i'm picking? [do you not like my taste in men? weirdos.]
- is it just not all that interesting listening to me drool over celebu-ducks i probably never will one day meet?
- too much/ too little info?
i'd really like to know if i should continue with these posts, make them semi-regular, or just nix them all together?
please take a minute to vote on the two poles & leave me a comment with any notes. Also, you can always submit ideas/ nominations for the THT boys [if i keep the segment] to Spankyluvsit@gmail.com!

is THT a drool-worthy post that should stay?
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why don't i get comments on THT posts?
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Thanks Luvrs!
luvs it*


  1. haha, u sillies...

    i have one vote for keep it every week & one vote for trash it. lol...

    i guess i'll keep waiting for more votes!

  2. I like this posts, they are intresting and you have introduced me to guys I had not really heard of, but if you do keep it I think you should let reader nominate guys that way you cover a wide range of tastes!! :) and everyone wins!! lol.. I luvs everythign about you though and your blog..


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