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award: Sweet Blog

i'm so stoked to tell you about my new award!
Shels Darkchocolate 
i'm so honored, not only by the luvly award, but mostly by the wonderful things that Shels said about me in her award post.
"Recently I have developed another blog crush, and because of that, I keep up to date with all the latest posts by stopping by each day. Spanky uses this blog to share all the things that she loves and doesn’t with her followers.
I also love her great features such as Too Hot Tuesdays and of late the Ur Wish feature.
I not only look up to this blog as I said before it's one of my blog crushes, so please visit."

how cute it she?
[she even posted a post about me posting a post about HER post! hahahahah]
please, everyone, take a trip to Dark, Sweet, & a Part of Life. Give her some luv for her bloggie!
luvs it*


who luvs me?

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