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too hot tuesday: Chad Hedrick

U.S.A, U.S.A, U.S.A!!!
Nothing puts me in a Patriotic mood more than seeing a hot, sexy man in head to toe spandex being an athletic Rockstar!
The 2010 Olympics are starting, less than one week after the glorious victory of last weeks celebu-duck, Reggie Bush [yup, football pants are spandex!] in SuperBowl XLIV, & i cannot WAIT to drool over my favourite Winter Olympian, this weeks Too Hot Tuesday:

Chad Hedrick, 32
the adorable Speed Skater, 50 time World Champion In-line Skater, & new Hubby [damn.] & Daddy will be competing in 4 races in the 2010 Olympics:
Men's 5000m: Feb. 13th, 12:00pm PST [more]
Men's 500m: Feb. 15th, 3:30pm PST [more]
Men's 1000m: Feb. 17th, 4:00pm PST [more]
Men's 1500m: Feb. 20th, 4:15pm PST [more]
Chad holds 6 world records (from what i can find, none have been broken), Won 3 medals (gold, silver, bronze) in 2006, & his most recent claim? Sponsor for Pampers! [how cute!]
i'll be cheering for ya Chad!
follow @chadhedrick on Twitter through the 2010 Olympics
luvs it*

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