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luvs it* t-shirt

Many of you know that i have a wonderful friendship with Ross Logan, the owner of One-Word-Tees.com...
[i'm even on the website, see!]
Well, my luvs,
i'm writing to announce a new affiliation between Spankyluvsit.com & One-Word-Tees.com
Wanna show the world that you luvs it?!?!
you caaaaaan!!!
Also, since you're all my wonderful little luvies, you get to "luvs it" for 20% less than anyone else!!!
  • Go to One-Word-Tees.com/luvs-it.html [link will always be available on the side bar]
  • Select your size, shirt colour, text colour
  • enter the coupon code SpankyLuvsUs at check out
  • send me a pic in your shirt!!!
I hope that you buy a shirt & spread the luv for both Spankyluvsit.com & One-Word-Tees.com!

luvs it*


  1. I am all over this lol. You know I am buying one right?? Of course I am!!


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