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marquee: The Box

this movie was weird.
but.. i'd wanted to see it since i saw the ads, so i gave it a whirl.
it was def verrry weird, but i liked Cameron Diaz, James Marsden & Frank Langella.
i was stoked to see Gillian Jacobs [Britta from one of my new fav shows, Community]

honestly, i'm not going to say much about the movie. if you like really bizzaro movies, give it a watch. keep an open mind & don't say i didn't warn you.
have you seen it? what did you think? 
Any other movies to add to my marquee that i just can't miss!?
luvs it*


  1. Oh I wanted to see this movie!! It looked kinda weird!

  2. When I heard people talking about Cameron Diaz' 'Box', gotta be honest, I was thinking it was something else :/


  3. I loved the concept. Hit the button, get the million. Someone has to die, but you get the million. How many times in your life would you consider the offer? How many times would you accept the offer? Would you be able to live with yourself?


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